Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Means Birthdays

Summer time in this family means birthdays. Atleast on the girl today, HAPPY SWEET 16 to Mady!

{Us at a BYU game last October}

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Manti Trip

This past weekend I went to Manti, Utah with the singles branch and attended the Manti Pageant. If you've ever been, you know that the actual pageant is put on the side of the hill which the temple sits on. Half the fun is trying to spot people running up and down that slip and bite it. (sorry...but it definitely keeps you entertained)

Me, Taryn & Kayla

Our hike to a waterfall

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Couple of Days in Provo

We took Mady and Kaylee up to EFY in Provo. I got a few days off of work so I could tag along!

Them infront of thier dorms

Visited Trent, Tara & Evelyn

And had lunch at BYU Creamery with Taylor (he obviously brings out the best in all of us, we all look super ridiculous...)

And ofcourse did tons of shopping!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunflowers & Swimming Pools

Monday we went to see Tarzan the musical at Tuacahn. There was lots of harnesses/flying which made it really cool, and Tarzan was very muscular...which also made it enjoyable ;) Before the show we ate at Paula's. yum!

And, we got a pool!

And....we have giant sunflowers! Welcome, Summer!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bamboozle Roadshow!!!

YES PLEASE!!! this show was so awesome. And YES, i got us there in one piece. haha after accidentally getting on the 215 (wooooops) we made some minor detours and finally arrived. And ok, ok i didn't get up to front row but i did get up to the 3rd by Boys Like Girls! Holla!

My Review:

-Shwayze, could have totally missed that set and been totally fine with it. ya, no thank you.

-Forever the Sickest Kids was awesome! as i suspected...

-Hellogoodbye was just OK. Kept running into thier keyboardist after their show haha

-Good Charlotte was by far my favorite. Those guys have been around for quite some time! I remember singing their Young and The Hopeless album with Taryn while playing American Girl Dolls back in the day. hahaha

(making our way up closer!)

-All Time Low, definitely the dirtiest band of the night. Not a huge fan of thier stuff. Am a huge fan of thier guitarist though. (sean faris look-alike!)

-Boys Like Girls, great set! I caught Martin Johnson's guitar pick! hahaha he's the main vocalist. Definitely a great band.

-Third Eye Blind, we left for and stood in the back...then left early. My dawgs were barking, if you catch my drift.

Incred Night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is what today consists of:

Other facts you should know about today:

Betty is coming with me!

It will be my first time driving in Vegas :/

I love Forever The Sickest Kids

The next blog will probably be pictures from this event :)

I have floor tickets, so plan on me mosh pitting myself all the way to front row. HOLLA!

ok, i have to laugh after saying that-can you really see me doing that? nevermind, don't answer.