Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Secret Motivation

I have graciously decided to share with all of you my motivation. The reason I get passed all my awkward moments and failed exams...It's This:

It works in all situations. Let me share...

"oh shoot, I just failed my calculations quiz!" (then I think to my self: I guess i'll just keep calm and fake a British accent. All of a sudden I don't care anymore)
"There's ants in the bathroom (again!) I swear my roommate is eating in here!" (just keep calm and when you approach her about it, talk in a British accent, it will go much smoother)
One more...
"Gah, my milk is expired because I only eat it with cereal, and when I say 'eat it', i mean drain it from my spoon, dang!" (But what you don't know, is that I said all of that with a British accent so i'm not mad at all anymore!)
Now a fail example:
"oh geez. That really cute, ginger, executive secretary boy is walking my way! If he talks to me i'll just keep calm and fake a British accent." This, my friends, is what i would like to do. Maybe it would score me some cool points. Because in all honesty, who turns their nose up to a British accent?

Alright. Honestly, I just want that framed, hanging in my room. I love funny stuff.

But if you were wondering...
I really do hate calculations.
There really are ants in my bathroom, i sprayed febreeze on them-Dead!
My milk really does expire too fast
I'd rather not talk about the ginger

Thursday, January 27, 2011

17 Says...

So I got this email from 17 magazine...(yes, i read it. Don't make fun of me!) and it said "21 things to do before you turn 21" I've got 5 months, so i took a look at it. My thoughts? Read on...
1. Take a road trip.
It's been done, but it definitely needs to be done again. Vegas (by vegas i mean...home!) over the next 3-day weekend? Takers?
2. Learn to play a musical instrument.
You know I own the flute!
3. Go skinny-dipping!
Ok. Never done it...never will? haha Is it really that liberating?
4. Save $1,000.
Let's hope everyone has had a job before they're 21. I saved more than that over the summer. It's called college tuition. But, in the case i was handed 1000 to do something i wanted to do, i would totally go on a trip. NYC anyone?
5. Know your grandparents.
Done! Sunday nights are epic at their house.
6. Buy a lottery ticket.
Hmmm i'll have to think about that one. I was at maverik the other day and a guy in front of me was spending like $60 on the lotto. But once might be cool?
7. Win an award.
I've never won a cool award. What should I try to win an award for?! Oh man...the possibilities are endless. Now I must find a contest.
8. Say "I love you."
Besides to the familia? never happened.
9. Learn to drive a stick shift.
hmmm. i've learned. but i can't shake the fear of driving one on an actual road. I'd be the one that makes it shut down, blocking traffic. awesome.
10. Milk a cow.
I'd be fine with trying. Just never been asked, "Hey, wanna milk this cow?"
11. Forgive someone.
Been there, done that.
12. Have your fortune told.
Remember Mrs. Leming? Middle school P.E. teacher? She read my palm once. (was she legit about it?) hahaha I wish Rexburg had a fortune teller! *hitting one up on the vegas roadtrip!*
13. Go to a drive-in.
I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS. Any cute boys out there reading this---ask me! i'll love you forever! (And then I can pass off #8 too...)
14. Do your own laundry.
Seriously? Are they trying to make me admit that I only do my laundry every other week? woops.
15. Ride a horse.
Funny story. When I was like 12 years old, i wanted a horse. BAD. And I quote my father, "You can either get a horse, or get a car when you're 16." Well, I didn't get a horse. And I got a car when I was almost 20. Hmm. But for the record, I actually rode a horse when I was like 16 and I was not a fan.
16. Donate your formal dresses.
I did, to my younger sista. Hi Mady! (Good luck getting your own for revue in March! haha)
17. See the ocean.
Done. Love it. Crave it. Wanna be there now!
18. Waitress at least once.
Does family birthday parties count? I do need a Summer job...
19. See one thing that is "the world's largest."
Have I ever? I can't remember! I wanna see the world's largest ball of yarn.
20. Leave the country.
Canada count? Nahhh I wanna go somewhere legit.
21. Learn how to love your body.
Take some, leave some...i'm just grateful i'm out of that teenager awkward stage. hallelujah!

What else should I add to the list? Have you done all of those?
I'm thinking this one for sure must be done when it warms up a bit:

{that's what i'm talkin' about!}

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Could Never Live in Hollywood

Let me tell you a story.

Today I was just minding my own business, walking around the interior design department during a small break in between classes. I got my lean cuisine all heatin up in the micro & i spotted someone in the hallway. The author of this blog, I Believe In Unicorns. At least I thought it was her. So i find my friend Corinne (whom all of you of course remember) and explained to her who i thought was sitting outside. Now you should all understand I have a hard time just approaching people out of the blue...she doesn't. Long story short, we walked up to her and introduced ourselves, it was her, and she was lovely! You must understand something about BYU-Idaho. Without much excitement around, an awesome blog keeps your hopes up for days. So when you recognize someone on campus who writes one of your fav might as well ask for thier autograph. (note: i'm totally kidding about the autograph) but we did get a picture (note: i'm totally kidding about that too).
But let's be serious right now. Can you imagine me living in Hollywood? If i geek out over seeing a blogger I love, can you imagine me seeing...oh idk, like Joe Jonas? hahaha or Ryan Reynolds or Joey Votto? People, it wouldn't be pretty! I could very easily to do something ridiculously embarrassing. But let's not be stupid, it would be totally worth it.

Then Corinne and I decided to go see a movie. The Dilemma (to be exact), and we were the only ones in the entire theater (awesome!) AND we were both wearing purple shoes (even awesome-er) and sweet treats were available in the lobby (I got mike and ike's).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fog & Sleeping Beauty

You know when you have that hw that you get and later you sit down to work on it and it just doesn't make sense? That happened to me tonight. First time in a while, and i got frustrated. (i'm still not quite sure what i'm going to do about it) Alas, I will survive...because I can do hard things! For example...

Drive in fog (it's scary!)
3 years ago I would have sworn this stuff was only in San Francisco.
I was filling my car up with gas and I sent this picture to my dad with this message: "Fillin up my car, just a lil foggy..."

Then in return I received this picture, with the message, "Wearin shorts, just a lil sunny"

I almost wrapped the gas nozzle around my neck & ended my life. Good thing I didn't because this happened Sunday night:

I skyped with the parentals, and I wouldn't have been able to snap this beauty...errr sleeping beauty.

Don't let this fool you, he loves talking to me, really.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waka Waka

In my whining state I have been in the last few days (ehhh, weeks more like) I decided to go ahead and do something about it. I was spending way too much time HERE wishing I was in that relaxation vacation mode. Alas, i'm not. I've got a few things to take care of before I get my Summer time lovin in! Like:
-more school

So like I said before (about "doing something about it") My friend Liz and I went to ZUMBA! You all know I love to dance so I find this the perfect way to let loose and get some exercise in. Holla for the two of those! But seriously- so fun.
Hart dance studio T/Th 8pm. come dance with me!
*confession* i still really do wanna be sitting on that beach though. :)

Ohhh and guess what? I'm sitting in the Hart right now, overlooking the football field and (even though it snowed last night) the sun is out again today! Glorious.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Girls Attempt For Some Vitamin D

Guess what I saw today? You might have a hard time believing me. Are you ready for this? THE SUN. i know, it was a glorious sight. So glorious in fact that I took a longer route home (i had to go only on sidewalks that the sun hit) I was trying to get as much vitamin D as possible. I swear, it's been at least a solid week since the sun was full-on-out. Just yesterday I changed my computer's background picture to this:

{hermosa beach, july '10}

In hopes that i could feel the sand running through my toes! (even though i totally find that the annoying part when i'm at the beach...why do the things you complain about in the summer [like heat] seem to be all you want in the winter and vice versa?) hmmm. oh well, right now some nice warm weather is all i want.

Look what else I saw on my sunny walk home: Grass! I almost started rolling around in it. If I didn't have such a high reputation to keep around here, I would have been all over it! ;)

But all things aside, the most important thing is happening right now. I'm listening to That Thing You Do soundtrack.
I want you to know when you hold my hand you hold my hearrrrt clap-clap clap-clap
i love lenny.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow, Ice & More Snow

Guess what I tried? Ice skating! We have a rink on campus during the winter. We got a group together and thought we'd give it a whirl. The ice was horrible, really snowy and cut up. It was hard! My friend Liz and I went around 3 times and decided that was enough for us. I have an entirely new respect for Michelle Kwan.

{during our break that turned into "let's just talk instead" time}

Afterwards we headed up to the sledding hills. Meet my roommate Liz from Pennsylvania:

Apparently our FHE brothers want to start a prank war...? Our door pops open and snow falls everywhere. Little do they know...

How do you all feel about ice skating? Is it easier on smooooooth ice?

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'll Just Eat Brownies, Thanks.

I've made it to the weekend! The fact i'm blogging on a Friday night allows you to guess the extent of my social life. Let me tell you, it rocks. I was planning on going sledding with a couple roommates and our FHE brothers...until my roommates walked out in those puffy overall things & man boots. Jesika (my roommate and i) looked at each other and decided to indulge ourselves with dark chocolate brownies and The Big Bang Theory instead. So besides my social life, wanna know what else is a bummer? ALL the snow The Burg's been getting this week. Take a look at Main Street, not to mention the tunnels I walk through on the sidewalks to get to class. I plan on building a snowman tomorrow.

{picture borrowed from The Daybook}

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots of 1's

Today is January 11, 2011 making the date look like 1/11/11. I love it when that happens. Know what else i love? Making wishes at special times throughout the day. You can bet I make a wish 5:55, 12:12, 3:33...etc. So when it was 11:11 this morning you know i went ALL OUT! If i tell you what i wish for, does that mean it won't come true?
So i won't tell you EXACTLY what i wished for but i'll give you a clue. He's in the picture below. He's red. His name is Clifford & at the moment he needs some major TLC.

Oh, and for all the Jonas fans out there, you know i make a wish at 7:05! ;)

Know what else is cool about today? It's little Abby's birthday! Me & Abby are cousins, and we get along quite well. We both like chocolate, dancing & hanging out at grandma's house. Here we are on New Years day during our family outing to Red Rock.

Happy 4th Bday Abbs!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Time I Surely Didn't Have Diarrhea

Just when you think everything is hunky dory, one of your best friends turns on you. Let me paint the picture for you:

Corinne & I plan on seeing a movie. (cheap theater of course, boys weren't paying for this date of ours)
She comes over early to "hang out".
I graciously welcome her into my apartment.
We pull up facebook, she shows me her love interest.
I approve.
We begin watching Taylor Swift music videos on youtube (White Horse to be exact)
After bantering about whether or not the actual Stephen Colletti was TSwizzle's heart throb in the video, I excuse myself to use our handicap sized bathroom.
I return to observe normal activity. (so i thought)
We decide to leave for our movie.
We talk about how she's wearing mens deodorant.
We walk past a man fixing our microwave (yay! hot food now!)
We see The Next Three Days (talk about holy intensity! really good!)
We have trouble finding a parking spot (typical)
After the movie is out we shiver all the way home.
I bid her adieu, she drops me curb side.
I make a quesadilla and check my email.
I see notifications that people, who don't usually comment on my status', have.
I suspect something fishy.
I log in to find this written as my status: "I hate having diarrhea"
I laugh. (for one second!)
I'm now planning revenge.
Pray for Her.

{Corinne and I before she knew what she was getting herself into}
what she should have wrote: "I've had diarrheas since easters" the movie :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Ladies & The Lack of Taxidermy

I'm back in Idaho. There's lots of much in fact that Clifford (my car) is dead. This could be due to the icebox temperature outside. I'm hoping help comes soon. Poor, poor Clifford. I learned a couple things on the LONG shuttle ride back up.
-The really long carrying cases over every person's shoulder at the SLC airport are in fact ski's. The first person i saw with it i was like, "that is one rather large gun!" Then there was another & another & another- it got me thinking. duh! Dorothy isn't in Vegas any more.
-When an old lady on the shuttle (turning 90 in april and coming to UT for a big party with 100 descendents all coming too....oh i could tell you SO much more) won't stop talking to you, turn against the window and pretend you're sleeping.

A few things I learned while being home for a couple weeks:

-This cat smells freaking rank.
I discovered that fact right after this picture. by the look on his face, i'm pretty sure he knows it too. Poor Big Rob.

-How to make a bomb cheese ball.

-Never fear the Indiana Jones ball

-You might wanna think twice before challenging us in a shooting dual. Just saying.

-Family day trips to Red Rock are divine

-My dad is a great body guard when it comes to paparazzi shots.

-Some things (like your 16 yr old sister who got her license the week prior can get a car...just as an example) aren't fair in life. But you roll with it anyways & just remember how your car is better...even if it may be dead in your complex parking lot.

-Edward & Bella's meadow is in fact found in a small canyon in Red Rock.

-Jonas Brothers movie brings the best out of anyone (but we all knew that already...)

So far so good with the new semester! (Besides the fact we do not have a working microwave) It was exciting seeing all my buddies again & meeting the new roommates. Brand new bunch! Extremely happy about that. No more dead animals on the kitchen table! *holla worthy* 2011 brings brand new adventures!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A few lovely things that took place in 2010

-Finished my freshman year in the Interior Design program at BYUI
-Moved home for the summer & found a job at Wally's
-Manti Pageant with Singles Branch
-Family Trip to Hermosa Beach
-Dodgers vs. Reds baseball game in LA
-Michael Buble @ MGM
-Started my 6th semester back at BYUI
-Roadtrip with the Design buddies
-Thanksgiving at home & Corinne as our guest
-Christmas with the family
Oh my goodness & so much more...

Tonight I celebrated ringing in the New Year just chillin with the fam. Taylor came over & we played wii until the cows came home. We even got gma & gpa to try out mario kart (definitely a game to remember). I just looked outside-Vegas lights glow over the mountain. Somehow i'm not feeling too left out. haha.
I'm very much looking forward to 2011. I'm pretty sure it will be an epic year. I mean i did open a fortune cookie this week that said, "Lucky you, put your party pants on". I live by my fortune cookie fortunes, you know.
Tomorrow is the big family outing. January 1st we all go out to the boondocks somewhere and have a lot of to come.
IT'S 2011!