Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Michael (Part 2)

Your voice is pretty hard to's kinda like spreading butter on butter...smooth. Oh, and when you hit that one low note, it gives me warm fuzzies. However, i could do w/out the dirty jokes & swear words, just saying. You are quite the entertainer! I like your perfect fitted suit and how you slide all over the stage in those really shiny shoes of yours. Quite nice. Quite nice. I could listen to you allllllll day.
Love, Austrie

So yes, the concert was quite amazing & it doesn't matter where you sit because his voice will make it to you. On the very last part of the encore song he sang without a microphone & it really does carry to the whole arena. Pretty awesome stuff. He also made his way through the crowd on the floor to the opposite side of the arena and sang a couple songs on a smaller stage which was fun because he was so much closer. He is quite a funny man. And his voice is oh-so-wonderful. A few pictures of the concert. (and i tried and tried to upload a video but after loading for 12 hours & still not working,i gave up)

{annie, mady, me}

{confetti falls as he sings Me & Mrs Jones}

{michael buble}

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Michael,

Tonight I will be listening to you croon. If you look at the very back up at the top you will see 3 girls screaming for you. (I know I probably just explained 3/4 of the crowd tonight) However, we're cooler. That is all.

P.s. this picture is kinda weird. I can tell you're mid snap, and your eyes are like staring into dark coal pits. but i still like it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Think Blue

Atleast that's what the hillside at Dodgers Stadium says. However, i was thinking more along the line of Think Red. In a sea of blue, i kind of stood out...and my man Votto didn't even hit a HR for me to represent! it's all good, it's all good.
Another quick trip equals another major picture buckle up ;)

{Gotta Represent!}

This is as close as i got to Joey V. Last night my dad informed me he is single, thanks dad, you know exactly what i like to hear.

Saturday we went to Griffith Observatory. Best view of the Hollywood sign!

{Griffith Observatory}

Then drove up Mullholland Drive and shot this picture overlooking the Hollywood Bowl and downtown Hollywood. Love the city.

Where I would not like to be during an earthquake:

Last little getaway before my giant getaway. 2 weeks 'til back to school!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August, where did ya go?

Is it just me or did August go by incredibly fast? That's what i thought... :) As for updated news,
1- I no longer work at Wally's! Yesterday was my last day. 2 weeks until I move!
2- Thanks for the comments and facebook shares on my contest entry- maybe i'll win! (fingers crossed)
3-I got to visit Betty in Vegas! (and she said she reads my blog! Hey benny!) we saw Charlie St. Cloud, did a little shopping and visited Gigi's cupcakes for lunch. yum. Betty & I have been friends for a long time. We both took creative dance, and then clogging from my mom when we were 5. Someday she will own a cupcakery just like Gigi's. But better & very well designed, huh Benny?

{please don't hate me for posting this pic Benny}
4- I'd be lying if i said I wasn't a little bit excited to head back up to school. Can't wait to see my girls! you know who ya are...woot!
5- Who's excited for Taylor Swift's new album in October? (hand raises..)
6- I am heading back to LA tomorrow with the fam for a Dodgers game. They're playing the Reds. I WILL GET A PICTURE WITH JOEY VOTTO. <-----did you look at that? need i say more? ;)
Me/Votto picture will be posted soon. have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pretty much a celeb.

I got a funny facebook message tonight. Corinne happened to fwd the link to a design contest I entered. I had to write a paragraph along with a picture that inspired me to design. So I wrote a paragraph and sent a picture and got chosen in the top 100. (I'm not quite sure how big a deal that is, there could be 5 people that entered for all i know) this is what I did...and i was featured on thier Home website & they tweeted my story out to all their followers! know, if you go and check it out (not sure how long it will be featured) you could leave a comment and support me :) I would love ya for it. I win $10,000 and a trip to Paris. Just click on the purple part......up there...please?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the BIG 23

Today just happens to be the 23rd Wedding Anniversary of my dear parentals. I was actually due on this date (20years ago..) so i suggested celebrating my birthday again...but that didn't go over too well. So i guess it's just Happy Anniversary mom & dad!!! Enjoy this eye candy from 1987.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Title Please

Ok. I am on a quest. A quest for a clever & wonderful BLOG TITLE. I've thought about it and i got nothin. Blah blah. Soooo that's where all of you guys (wonderful readers of mine) come into the picture. I need your help! My name has been the title since i've started (approx. 150 posts) which is nothing compared to this girl. I'm pretty convinced she's the next Blogher celebrity (if that's what you even call it) Anyways, back on topic. I could really use some ideas :) I'll even make a post directly to the person who gives me my fav idea (if this is what you wish) haha. So ya, possibly something to do with the "college, single, lovin life" type of theme. please please please...ideas!

{a pretty flower that has nothing to do with this post}

p.s. all you readers that read and don't some love ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hermosa Beach

Family vacation was just the way i like it: layed back and lots of fun. We stayed in Hermosa, CA where we shopped & swam & visited the surrounding beach towns. Here are a few pictures (...quite a few)

Palos Verdes, overlooking the ocean

Downtown LA

{I love the city}

LA Famers Market

Disney Concert Hall

Redondo Pier

Riding bikes on The Strand in Hermosa

I will miss the 63* weather and constant cool breeze. Welcome back to NV.