Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Dancing Prince & Cliche Phrases

Today I went back to high school. With my dad teaching history & my younger sis in the class, I had to return just to see if it's as cool as it was 3 years ago. PSH of course not! My posse and I aren't there soooo that's just a stupid question.

Graduation night! This photo was in the local newspaper. proud, proud moment ;)

Please please please watch THIS video. I pretty much spit out honeycomb while watching this during breakfast. This kid needs my assistance. Just say the word Harry! I'm there!

I've started The Hunger Games. I can't put it down, have you read them? I just started book one yesterday and I should be done with it tonight...Oh Peeta!

It's the last day of August, now it's probably the 1st day of September! Cliche phrase time: Where the heck did this summer go?! There's no way i've been home for 5 months now.

Santa Monica Pier, Aug '11

There are some magical devices floating around in the schools right now. I went to my dad's classroom tonight and there was this white pen that you could draw with on projected slide shows and what not. I'm not quite sure how it worked, but I drew a beauty mark on my face.


Alright, but I really do need to go read Hunger Games more. I'm torn...I really hope Peeta isn't faking it for the cameras! ah!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Only The Best Movie Ever

Twas a movie night to remember!
A projector shined our movie on the house as we gathered around on lawn chairs.
Amanda made monster cookies.
We sang and danced along with the music.
We laughed, we cried (when it was over)

Have you guessed which movie it ?
Jonas Brothers Concert Experience? yes, yes, you are correct.


It's probably a crime in 49 of the 50 states to mention Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers in the same blog post, BUT did you know Justin Bieber's home town is in my mission? He better watch out....! ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AZ Was Too Quick

Last weekend's trip to Arizona was over as quick as it started. I would definitely visit AZ again! A-Z has got it goin' on.

Wikieup, AZ

You have a nice variety of Cactus. (said in a British accent)

I hate to admit that I didn't run into Prince Harry. But the Pirates did win the game vs. Show Low! (score: 28-26) It was fun to be in the Cardinals' huge stadium rootin' for my alma mater.

We get to our hotel, my dad walks up to the window (keep in mind we've stayed at like a bazillion and four different hotels in the last month cuz of Nauvoo/LA etc.) and says, "this is the best view we've had the entire summer!" see picture below, on left...and don't let me forget to tell you, the Willard fam was in the house! With their personal filmographer.


See? Too quick I tell you! Too quick. Oh, guess what I found out?! That last post I did about Frank Gehry, well, buckle up...I read today....that he was born in TORONTO! I know, go figure, huh?! 

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was browsing Pinterest last night (please tell me you've tried it, love it, are addicted to it as much as i am). I found this:

Basically it's a 30 second scribble. This was just quick ideation Frank Gehry sketched that later became the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I've really loved this building since I was first introduced to it a couple years ago. I was lucky enough to see it in person last summer. I even designed a light fixture inspired by it...I love that he can envision this amazing structure and scribble it out. It makes me miss my design classes & ideating for my projects. (who would've thought! haha)

It turned into that. Just sooo cool, the design process. sigh. 

I bet Toronto has some sweet architecture.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Like With Toronto

I can't exactly say i'm "in love" with Toronto yet, right? So for now I guess i'm just madly in like with him. (can we call Toronto a him? alright, thanks.) As you can imagine, some people know a few things about this place. When they hear i'm going there, they're happy to share, and I don't mind! I've collected a few tid bits about this place and i'm welcoming your comments too! When I say i'm going to the Canada Toronto Mission, it actually covers a huge part of Ontario. We're talking like Niagara Falls (Canadian side) all the way up to Hudson Bay area. So when i'm finding out things about Toronto...who knows if it's even remotely the same a few hundred miles away! Hmmm shucks. But let me tell you this, Toronto. Sounds. Awesome.

Remember my want to go to NYC? If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know i'm pretty much obsessed with the place. So when I heard Toronto is like the NYC of Canada, I was happy. It has musical theater, design, architecture and all the goods just like NYC (not like i'll be basking in the musical theater shows...dang.) But the fact that it's part of the lifestyle there makes me excited!

-Someone told me Toronto is uber fashionable, that the fashion meets Toronto from Paris before it even hits NYC. Cool, eh? (throwing in that Canadian "eh" cuz i'm partially allowed to now!) 
-It's also a really clean and relatively safe city
-They calls napkins "serviettes"? uhh alright.
-They call sofas "chesterfields" 
-Someone also told me it's not as cold there as it is in Rexburg. I'm taking that as the truth and rollin' with it.

I don't even know what else to tell you. You're probably like ya, so what? hahaha I'm just excited, that is all.
What do you know about Toronto?

(i drew a line because this is serious business)
I'm going to Phoenix tomorrow.
You guys knew this, right? That i'm going to AZ?
So i have one question for you!
Why in the world did none of you tell me Prince Harry (in the flesh!) is in AZ doing apache helicopter training as we speak?! (well technically not "as we speak" because i read the he flew home to see London burning? whatevs) He's still there! In Arizona!
Just know that when I meet him, i'm not saying hi for any of you.
But don't worry too much, you'll still all be invited to the wedding.
Pip pip cheerio!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Little More LA


Call me Mrs. Weekend Traveler. Last weekend was LA, weekend before was Nauvoo, weekend before that was Kansas City, this weekend was LA again & next weekend is Phoenix. I couldn't be happier! I really do enjoy traveling...this weekend consisted of a Dodgers game & Manhattan Beach time. I couldn't turn down the offer. Taryn, Taylor & Shane? It was a recipe for awesomeness. Do you need me to prove it? I will, right now! Right here! Read on.

Me & Taryn at the Dodgers game
Me & Taryn on the field after the game
Me & Taryn at Manhattan Beach


 What other proof could you possibly need?! ;)

Taylor was determined to get autographs. That he did.

We were let on the field after the game for a fireworks show, being on the field is such a different perspective. It's really cool! I'm also convinced my dad isn't really my dad & that tall red haired man in the center of this picture is.

The moon rose while the game was going, it was really full. Awoooooo-Ah-Ah-awooo! (werewolf!)

Manhattan Beach

Oh California, you get me every time. Baseball & beaches? Marry me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fam Roadtrip

I don't even know where to start. Our 2 week trip back to Nauvoo to be in the pageant was a different and fun family vacation. We cut some major trail. 3,500 miles of trail.That's a lot of car time. We went through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.

The largest ball of twine in the world (so they claim) in Cawker City, KS


Glenwood Caverns in Colorado. We took a tour through the caverns and rode on an alpine slide down the hill. It's a pretty sweet place. There's even a swing that swings you over the side of the mountain, pretty legit.

The new temple in Kansas City, MO. Totally resembles Rexburg's, no?


A scene from the pageant we were in for 5 days

I told you about the sweet pioneer clothes :) Standing in front of our country fair activity we were in charge: Little Nauvoo, where we taught a dance called The Highland Fling

Teaching The Highland Fling

Standing in front of the mighty Mississippi!

My dad is a college ball buff, so we stopped at a couple Universities.
University of Nebraska

Ended the trip right with a baseball game in Denver. Rockies vs Phillies

Apologies for the major photo dump but how else do I tell you all about my vacation? A picture is worth a million words...and there's so much that I left out! But that's a little taste of our family vacation. OH, I took the plunge-I got bangs! Verdict: I love them!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Rob + Me = BFF

I'm skipping telling you about the Messer fam roadtrip for one more day (or two...) to tell you about our quick trip to LA. We got back from the Midwest on Wednesday night, I opened my mission call on Thursday and then on Friday morning we packed up and headed to LA to see Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl (I did tell you I was going back in May). Anyways, it was a lot of fun and had an amazing cast (John Stamos, Drew Carey, Corbin Bleu, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Nick Jonas, Diana DeGarmo, Harvey Fierstein, Darlene Love etc.)



I definitely recommend going to anything at the Hollywood Bowl if you ever get the chance. It's a really cool venue with a lot of history to its name! Smack dab in downtown Hollywood. If you have the amazing opportunity to see a Jonas perform there too......I wouldn't turn it down. I'd at least buy a ticket for someone with red hair, who's blog you read, who loves the JoBros to attend with you. I'm just sayin', it would be a great idea, probably one you'd never ever in your entire life regret. ever.
Let me tell you why.
That Jonas may have a bodyguard by the name of Big Rob. You may look up and see that he is walking right next to you and you may work up the courage to say, "Hey Big Rob!" and then he would say, "What up girl, what up?!" (in a deep, big, black man voice) and give you a high five. All of this might happen while that JoBros girlfriend is standing right by him as well as the littlest JoBro Frankie.
I'm just saying, this could happen! Because it happened to me. After walking away I realized I had to get proof, so my dad snapped a picture. hahaha

See? Don't all go rush out and buy your Jonas Brothers tickets at once. I know I make sounding like a fan girl pretty legit, and you're lucky, i'll be your friend. All you have to do is write me while i'm on my mission :)

While in LA, we also went to Santa Monica Pier & beach. What's a California trip without touching the ocean? 




Stay tuned for Messer Roadtrip 2011: Nauvoo. Coming soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wooopity Woop!

I will be serving in the Canada Toronto Mission!

I report to the MTC on November 9.

Remember my slight hecka huge crush on Joey Votto? Well to catch you all up, I still love him. Want to know a reallllly funny story that happened JUST YESTERDAY? I knew you would!
Well, my family was walking out of the Grand Junction mall, we were all talking about where it would be cool for me to go when I said: (and I i quote!)
"You guys, if I get called to wherever Joey Votto is from, it's flippin' meant to be for me to convert him."
Well, read THIS. Just in case you don't feel like reading it, i'll give you the deeets. He is from the west end of Toronto. Yiiiiikes! He better watch out! I'm not foolin' around!

I opened my call with all the fam. It was fun to be so surprised!
Reading it out loud

Real talk for a sec. I'm really excited. I've known I was going to serve a mission since I was 17 and I didn't think it would ever come! Wooohoooo! What do you know about Toronto? Know who else i'm gonna convert? Prince Harry...ya know, Canada-Queen Elizabeth-Prince Harry. I bet he totally visits! ;)