Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round One Status: Complete

I just got back from a WONDERFUL lunch date with Corinne & Liz. Eating outside in the 80 degree weather is just what the doctor ordered. The weather has been absolutely dreamy this week! (it's probably because I just bought a new hoodie that i was excited to wear...not happening!) I'm more busy then i've ever been up here at byui. Interior Design is no fluff major.
First big project just completed: Arts & Craft style Home Office. This is my hand drawn elevation- we also had to complete a floor plan & a colored elevation (not pictured here...). But, my solution for a built in home office that goes along one wall is pictured below. The scanner totally killed my line quality. bleh. i promise, it looks better in person ;)

The same day that was due, we got another assignment: Scandinavian style attached townhouse. (I've kind of fallen in love with townhouses...and Scandinavian contemp. style!) I haven't really buckled down and worked on it, and it's due tomorrow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's. Here.

It's finally the weekend. (Praise Allah). Classes are pretty much insane this semester. A test once a week in my Materials/Sources class...I was soooo happy with the outcome of this weeks though. I was expecting D-F range. Holla for a B! I should probably go ask the testing center for a recording of the video camera by the screen that tells everyone's test scores. I'm guessing my facial expression was priceless. It was intense, i'm just letting ya know. Do I care what the DOC FF-1-70 or the Steiner Tunnel Test are for? Not anymore.
My roommates and I have discovered G's Dairy. Homemade ice cream heaven. We've only been there twice in a week. It could be a lot worse. (i suggest Gorilla Munch: banana ice cream with oreos and peanut butter)
I'm in the middle of designing an Arts & Craft style home office...expect pictures soon. I'm pretty excited about it. I was also excited to see some of my color theory projects still hanging on the walls of the Interior Design department! they must have been desperate.... :)
Have you ever played the game "Curses"? Ohmygosh. Play with a group of fun people if you feel like laughing until you pee your pants.
As far as pictures go, Mom, I haven't taken any...i'll try to...i promise.

It's cooling off here in Idaho...making me miss Summer (baseball game) weather.
{In the middle of the wave at Dodgers Stadium, Aug. 2010}

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Entry Way

In my Space Planning class, we were learning about entryways. I never knew an entry way was so important. Being the first impression of the house, it should be perfect.

What I learned about Entryways:
-A bench should be there for guests to take their shoes off (but seriously...who makes their guests take thier shoes off?) I don't know, but I like it! In wet places, it's a perfect place to remove boots.
-Don't forget the hooks to hang coats or hats on.
-There should be an awning above the door on the exterior, because what guest wants to sit in rain or have icicles falling on their head? (i'm in Rexburg mode)
-There should be a mirror because people are "observed & greeted" at the door.
-The floor should be hard (wood, tile, etc.) to make it easier to clean. A mat gives guests a place to wipe their feet.
{My Ultimate Favorite}: There should be an umbrella rack.
What's classier than an umbrella rack? Seriously, my future home will have an umbrella rack. Just the thought of it gets me excited...

Please Don't Run The Sink.

Maintenance has been the main story this week. Besides classes starting & going really well so far I have had some issues on my hands. Maintenance issues. I guess I can't even call it maintenance if it can't be you can just hear me complain. ;)

1) If you're a plumber, please don't forget to tightly secure the water pipes. Apparently the only way to fix popping noises is to rip off the dry wall. Yippee. Thanks to lower floor living, I get to hear pops & thumps every time my lovely upstairs neighbors turn on the kitchen sink. Do you get used to something like that? crossing my fingers...because as of now, it's a great alarm clock.
2) When installing lighting fixtures, make sure the parts aren't only available on the east coast. 6 girls in one bathroom isn't the most awesome thing in the world. We fixed the short for now...resulting in having to do this:

I left hair on the tape for character :)

3) Don't tell the creepers, but there's no screens on our windows. as of now. Sleeping with the windows open is a new adventure.

After fooling with the tv it is working!
My ward seems to be awesome again & same with FHE family.
Classes are busy, but my earliest class is 9:00 :)
The weather has been perfect the last couple of days & I had a sweet reunion with taco truck.

It's been a good week. Roommates seem a little weird...but drama free. So it should be an awesome semester. holla to that.

Monday, September 6, 2010

hello deja vu

I have arrived.

i'm living in the same complex i did last year & i've already made it halfway to my old apt before realizing I had no idea where i was going. Hello deja vu. It's been a long drive.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's an epidemic.

Cupcakes have become an epidemic. And i've caught the disease. However, instead of going out and spending $3.50 on a single delicious bugger, Mady & I made our own. FOR THE CAMP ROCK 2 PREMIERE! haha. but seriously. Delicious cupcakes plus delicious jonas brothers equals delicious party.

In other news, I'm completely packed up and ready for the long drive back to idaho. I love letters, pictures or any sort of mail! See ya there!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I guess i could leave this post with just that, because we all know what happens in September. SCHOOL. I move back to school in 3 days. 3 days! But, i would be lying if i said i wasn't a wee bit excited. Getting back into the routine of things....or the lack of a routine...more for the social aspect. I'm excited to see all my friends who are returning & the cool weather-it's 57* right now! (ok so that's the first time i've looked at the weather, now i'm kinda freaking out. I didn't know it was only 57. what the.) Oh, and i'm starting my 3rd year of college. 3rd year. I didn't think that would ever happen. Not because i'm a quitter but because that seems so old. haha ANYWAY. Summer was absolutely awesome, but i'm ready to get back into the nutty college routine. againnn.

"Life should be nuts. If it's not, its just like a bunch of thursdays thrown together."
-Rumor Has It

{a fun pic from this summer, me & noelle}