Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baseball & Days Off Equal Bliss


On Memorial Day I was invited to go to a Dodgers game in LA with my uncle, Taylor & Taryn. (You know this girl can't turn down 1-a baseball game 2-trip to California) So I said, "why YES! of course!" We left Monday morning, stopped in Vegas at Steak & Shake and then got stuck in what I like to call Memorial Day Traffic. What was supposed to take 4.5 hours took us 7. We were a little late to them game (bummer!) But it was still totally worth it! I love me some baseball {pants}!


Baseball on days off make life all the better, wouldn't you agree with me?


We may have had VIP tickets...giving us all the Dodger dogs anyone could ever want...and sundaes at 7th inning...provided in the VIP lounge. Taryn may have made fun of me when I got excited over the mid-century modern design inside the lounge, so I had to sneak a picture over her shoulder before she laughed at me. (blame her for the blurry-ness). Oh, and Jerry Sands earned himself a new fan. I love sitting by the outfielders...


So all in all my Memorial Day was filled with (lots of) driving, cousin time, baseball & California weather. Dodgers beat the Rockies 7-1. Take me back!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can't Find My Pulse!

Taking a break from painting my room to buy Hairspray tickets at the Hollywood Bowl in August. 

Check out who's playing Link Larkin

If you know anything about me, you know i'm peeing my pants about now. 
I may be 20 years old but a girl can still love the Jonas Brothers.

Among the cast is also John Stamos, Drew Carey, Corbin Bleu & more! Gah, i'm so excited.
Now back to painting...guess what the name of the color I chose is:
Old World Romance
Sounds classy, eh?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bedroom Revamp (numero uno)

Ladies and Gentlemen
(let's be honest-there are no gentlemen reading this blog)

I have some rather exciting news...
My BEDROOM REVAMP has finally started. I start painting tomorrow! (and I still have to finalize my color choices) but I took a shopping trip to St. George on Saturday and bought a bunch of new stuff to make my room exactly the way i've been imagining it. And I simply cannot wait to show. You. Everything. I knew I wanted a flower arrangement. After helping out at the flower shop over prom/mothers day weekend, I fell in love with Ranunculus. I had this idea to bring either those or Peonies into a full arrangement with a simple glass vase. I headed to Michaels and there found everything I needed to do so.  After searching around for the type of flowers I wanted, I found out that fake flowers are dang expensive. bummer. So I started walking through all the aisles, which led me to the sale corner. There I found some very full Magnolias that fit the job just as well as Ranunculus or Peonies ever would.

End Result:


The Breakdown:
Magnolias- 50% off sale, $6.00
Glass vase- $3.99
Seashells- Found in my closet
Rocks- Product of mother nature
So if you aren't fantastic at math, i'll go ahead and tell you that I made this entire arrangement for 10 dollars. Definitely on my budget!

*I'm a reader of fashion blogs...I love when they breakdown their outfits and tell their readers how much each item was and where they purchased it. So as a poor/ interior design student/ on a tight budget, I will be doing the same...but design style. Holla!

Follow my every move at trying to afford a Bedroom Revamp. Next update...Paint colors! Woooo! (are you as excited about this as I am?!)
P.S. i'm on a very serious hunt for a burnt orange round throw pillow. I've exhausted my online resources because I only want to pay like 10 bucks or so for it. I saw the perfect on at Ross a few weeks ago...before I had this awesome plan in mind, on Saturday it was gone. (I don't blame the person who bought it, it was plain awesome)...so my question to you- where the heck could I possibly ever find another? :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mild Changes & Inspiration

I was supposed to begin painting my room today. I couldn't decide on the color & that's when I unwrapped the quilt I just bought for my bed and laid it out. Me = no likey. Sooo I spent a few hours researching my many  choices online for the perfect duvet/comforter/quilt...whatever tickled my fancy. I had it narrowed down to 2 awesome duvets from Urban Outfitters when I decided to take the plunge. I just purchased 
and I am oh-so-excited.

So the project soon begins! A few inspiration picture i've gathered so far:

You may be wondering how I will be using these ideas in the re-doing of my (8th grade) bedroom. All I have to say is stay tuned to find out! There are a few small projects in between that I will also be posting about.
I have one question for you though! Coat hooks. Where do I find cute/cheap/classy coat hooks? I love Anthropologies & Urban Outfitters hooks but I don't want to pay ten bucks a pop. I've thought about buying basic hooks from a hardware store and painting them...Suggestions?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Props to The Mommas

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My mom is pretty cool
I hope yours is too

June 1991. Notice Taylor, Trent & Ty hahaha

But seriously, anyone who can pull off a long yellow dress entirely filled with black polka dots earns a gold star in my book. 
Just kidding mom....

Happy 21st Mothers Day :)
Thanks for everything you do for me, mady & ari

Happy Mothers Day to all you other mommas too, I hope you enjoyed my well thought out poem.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Now Taking Volunteers

Guess what I heard on the news this morning? William & Kate will be in California July 8-10. 
I have one question for all of you, "Who wants to come with me?!"...Because heaven knows I just might have an accident right there (in my pants no less!) if we happened to cross paths. Only one thing could make this better- Harry happens to show up too...and the Jonas Brothers...and Joey Votto. Oh Golly.

Does anyone remember this moment from the Royal Wedding?



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Late Night Mario

This past weekend, Taryn & Taylor both came down for a quick trip to California. So when they got back into town Saturday night, a Mario game night was held. You know what I like best about family? You can act like yourself around them, laugh at really stupid things & it only makes you like each other more.


I purchased a new bedspread today! (I'm re-doing my bedroom) I think it's time to retire the hot pink/neon orange I carefully selected in 8th grade. Next step: paint. My mom wants it to be re-done for guests...So i'm going for a (still fun) but more homey/welcome feeling.  Wish me luck! I will make sure to report back with my oh-so-wonderful selections!