Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Break Rules on Sundays

Do you like dressing up on Sundays? I think I do. There's something about going through your skirts and dresses and shirts and mixing and matching that I just find a lot of joy out of. I've had an idea for a few weeks that I didn't think i'd have the guts to pull off...let me get to the point. Today I wore a polka dot shirt with a floral patterned skirt. Fashion rule broken? Perhaps. Awkward because it's a mirror shot? Absolutely. I'm breaking all sorts of rules. All of a sudden i'm posting outfit pictures, taken with a camera phone, in my messy room all while not knowing if you smile in these sort of pictures or not. I make fun of those kind of girls. Eh, sue me.


I just wanted to ask you if you think it works. Do you think it does? Do you think i'd get kicked off the mish if I made such a bold fashion statement? haha Am I the only person in the world without a smart phone?

Friday, September 23, 2011

P Town Lovin

I spent Sunday-Thursday in Provo staying with Taryn & Ariel. We did what most college students do...

Tried on wedding dresses, Say Yes To The Dress style


Didn't shave for a while and grew moustaches

Played Mario Bros all night long

Ate out way too often and visited the classy BYU art museum

That structure we're standing in front of--BOOKS. stacks and stacks of books!

Now I miss them and want to go back.
not the books...tar & ariel.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dallas Meets Las Vegas

This weekend was one for the books. Taryn and her roommate Ariel came down to celebrate Ariel's 21st birthday. We took her to Vegas, ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory inside Caesars Palace, walked the strip and watched the Bellagio's water show. Ending the night with a walk through the new Cosmopolitan hotel (holy hanging chandeliers!) and took classic pictures by the Vegas sign.



Let me tell you a little bit about Ariel: We were roommates at BYUI winter semester 2010. We never really talked much or hung out until I decided to text her in February when she left for the airport to go back to home to Dallas for Valentines Day. It was history from there! We become the best of friends and I convinced her to live with Taryn when she transferred to BYU. So now I get to have my two favorite people in one visit to Provo! It's just the shiz.

Saturday we took her to the Moapa Valley's finest restaurants. Inside Scoop for lunch, Tiffany's for dinner! Have you ever been to both those places in one day? ....interersting.


That night we gathered up some friends and went riding at Red Rock.


My finest line of the night, "Guys, if we die tonight, I want you to know you're my best friends!"

I traveled back up with them on Sunday to Provo for a few days. We have made many plans. Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Run-Into & My Homies

Yet another picture of Toronto

I had a very funny and cool experience happen to me on Saturday. I was in St. George, UT and decided to go into Christensen's and do some mission shopping. I overheard a girl talking to a sales guy about different kinds of shoes for warm weather that are comfortable blah blah so I decided I should probably listen in because the shoes she was asking questions about was the typical sister missionary (gross) shoes. (i.e. Clarks & Dansko...what other ones are good yet a little more stylish? anybody know?) Because she was leaving on a mission soon. The man leaves for a  minute to grab her some shoes to try on and my mom asks her, "Where are you going?" Our conversation went a little something like this:
Her: Canada
Her: Really? Where at?
Me: Toronto
Her: ME TOO!
Me: (shut upppp!)
Turns out she leaves in 3 weeks but is learning Spanish so she stays in the MTC 2 months. She'll still be there when I get there in November. To make matters even crazier, we're related. Ya, we have the same great grandmother or something like that.
Weird things happen. Right place, right time...must have happened for a reason!

On a downer subject, my homies are starting our their 3rd year with the design program at BYUI. I can't believe they'll be graduated when I get back in 2 years! Oh how that's gonna be so hard! I'll be rooting for you guys to kick Passive Solar's butt. Boooyah

Our road trip last Oct. to the moon & Sun Valley, ID

Ok, but really. Tell me what brand produces cute, sensible & comfortable missionary shoes?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Full Week

It's been a full week since i've blogged.
and by "full" I don't mean full as in busy...I mean full as in an entire week.
In fact, nothing really leading-edge happened.
So this is what i've been thinkin...

Brown envelopes are the shiz. But seriously, stick with me on this one. How cool do you feel when you get a letter in the mail? How much cooler do you feel when you get a letter with a BROWN envelope? Maybe it's something to do with The Sound of Music "brown paper packages tied up with strings" or maybe because they're usually recycled paper so it makes you feel green, maybe i'm just weird. But i'm pretty sure it's a billion times better in a brown envelope. And while on the subject of the color brown, I *dyed my hair brown. And I always took my lunches to school in a brown paper bag, I never had a legit lunch box, did you?
*i lied. no dying occurred.

Let's talk about my future plans. It involves the old Gubler house on Gubler Street. Taryn & I will some day own a floral shoppe. Our floral shoppe will be in this old house. The top floor will be our wedding planning business and TLC will host a show all about it. (think DC Cupcakes except cooler people) Our show will be a hit! Why aren't there any shows about floral or wedding shoppes? Cuz they're saving it for us!

This house doesn't tilt. There was a man in the ditch in front of it so I felt really dumb slowing down to take the picture. So I did not, resulting in a tilt.
It just needs some sprucin' up. This house has gotta stay in the fam! (My Grandma's maiden name was Gubler)

Let's hope September starts to bring less blistering temperature steering wheels, less sticky bangs on the forehead (although honestly I haven't much of that issue, phew!) and maybe allow us to start wearing cute cardigans without sweating? We'll see.