Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

Don't be surprised when I tell you I got up 1:59am for the wedding (to see all the royalty arriving, of course!) And I shamelessly stayed awake for the. entire. thing. If you didn't wake up for it, or just want to relive the pure magic ;) you should watch this video!

Her dress was beautiful (and pretty modest to boot!)
I loved the trees they added to Westiminster Abbey. It added so much life inside the cold building
I loved Victoria & David Beckham  (Spice Girl fan at heart!)
I loved that (very large) nun that sat next to William during the readings (did you notice her?)
I loved "the evil stepsisters" as I immediately thought when Beatrice & Eugenie arrived
I loved seeing the horses go crazy hearing the crowd roar & watching a lone horse run off...seriously, that stuff just makes me laugh so hard
I loved watching Will & Harry make their drive there as well as the first glimpse at Kate's dress
I loved wondering if he was going to get the ring on her finger
I loved the tradition of it all
I loved the carriage ride back to Buckingham Palace & of course the famous balcony smooch



To be honest, I loved every minute of can I possibly choose my favorite moments? Ah well, make fun of me all you want...but where can I find myself one of these fairy tales?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Preparing Ourselves

Last week Taryn was in town, which meant a cousin sleepover had to happen. We decided to bring out our high school prom dresses because....well, just because we can. But now I look back and realize we were really preparing ourselves for the Royal Wedding!

Mady, Taryn & I

Have you been watching the news lately? All i have to say is forget Kate's dress details, do you think Prince Harry will be sporting a black tux? gray? full tails? bow tie? neck tie? pocket watch chain? hahaha but back on the topic of prom dresses, leads me to MVHS prom. Mady hasn't been asked. You've got less than 2 weeks boys.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easters Sunday

I apologize in advance for adding an "s" to the end of any words. I was in Nacho mode all Easters day. Easter Sunday was just fabulous! Church (of course, it's Easter!) and the egg hunt. Want to hear a funny story? One Easter, when I was very young, the Easter bunny hid our eggs outside and our neighbors dog ate them. Awesome, huh? We always bring it up Easter morning when we've got our hunt on.

The girls on Easter Sunday



As you can see, we got a little creative with our egg dying :) 
I love dying eggs!

I hate eating boiled eggs!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!


Now who's getting real excited for the Royal Wedding?
I watched Wild About Prince Harry on TLC last night...
and i will not lie to you, I may be just as excited to see Prince Harry (fellow ginger!) in a tux as anything dealing with the Royal  Wedding. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fruit Trees & Pizza

I'm borrowing an idea from Busy Bee Lauren. She often shows her weekend in pictures or portrays certain events with pictures. Her pictures are always really cool and fun to look at. I on the other hand am slowly starting to get the hang of things :)

Wednesday consisted of a family day trip to St. George, UT...


1- Ari peaking over the fence, trying to imitate Wilson from Home Improvement
2- Lunch at Pizza Factory (yum!)
3- Sharing my wonderful purchases! Shoes from Ross, Hat from Maurices
4- Hitting up Costco (what's your fav costco muffin?) I love blueberry & poppyseed
5- Fruit tree shopping at Lowe's
6- Wallpaper shopping
7- Nielsen's custard (you havvvve to go and you have to get chocolate)
8- Late night viewing of Nacho Libre, "My favorite animals are poopies" -what's your fav quote?
9- Irrigating view out my bedroom window haha

Well ladies & gents, that's what my Wednesday consisted of...but really, confess your fav Nacho quotes.
"Do you not realize i've had diarrheas since Easters?!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blue & Red

There's only BLUE skies here in NV, and that is perfectly fine with me.
*side note- a freakin gila monster just ran past the window.

(when i say "gila monster", I really mean a rather fatty lizard)

A ranger ride to Red Rock was planned & the ranger ride to Red Rock was a lot of fun.

Wild flowers have bloomed, the temperature isn't quite 120 yet & the red sand was smooth and cool.
What a rather delightful evening (to be said in a British accent)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sprightly So

Remember when  I won this necklace? Well, I received it in the mail the other day and it's just precious! Check it out.

In fact, all of her jewelry is magnificent, make sure to check it out Here

In other news, If you did not know...I got a job at Tiffany's! If you're in town, stop by and i'll make you a sandwich :) In all honesty... I suppose you can refer to me as "Austrie, the sandwich artist", Right? ;)

Time home has been pretty laid back. I'm loving it. I work, but my hours aren't overly exhausting which I love. I have time to do whatever I want---loving it (again!) But most of the time i'm simply hanging out with the fam, and that is never boring. Today Mady is trying out for her senior and last year on the high school dance team. I decided to bug her while she was showing me her tryout dance. Bugging is what I do best.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reunited And It Feels So Goooood

I love that song.
Good old Peaches & Herb.

I MADE IT HOME! and boy was i scared for my life at times. Why wouldn't there be a blizzard when a girl is driving alone? naturally.
I picked up Taryn & Ariel in Provo and we continued to Logandale, only in time for the Clark County Fair! yahoo! I may feel like a big grease ball after all the fried food but it was good. I even had a mango on a stick---which wasn't deep fried, just on a stick. Ariel pointed out that a lot of food at the fair is "on a stick". She is correct! Corn dogs (on a stick), a mango (on a stick), deep friend twinkies, cheesecake, choc. covered strawberry kabobs, and oh so much more. But i'm cool with that.
Ariel had never seen any livestock up our afternoon at the fair was quite an event. Not only livestock, but many other "country" things, for example...a bail of hay.
"I've never sat on a bail of hay before...let's take a picture" picture.

After a full Saturday at the Fair, a calm Sunday was much anticipated.
And guess what?
It's such a beautiful, sunny, Sunday, spring day today! It called for a photo opp, and we took advantage of that!


Don't you just love spring? What do you look forward to most about it?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Departure

Well BYUI,  It's been good. It's been real good. I can't believe our 3 years together is coming to an end! You've brought me great friends and great times! I still have 2 years left with you...but for now, i'll see ya when I see ya!
However, before I start my road trip I must tell you about dinner with my girls.
Liz, Corinne & I decided a last dinner date was an essential.
We headed to Ying Yang, which is a wonderful Rexburg choice (if you're a local)

Liz, Corinne & I at a "yacht party"
I'm going to really miss these girls!

Car is packed, room is empty.
I have one more final- Friday at noon and i'm so out of here!
See you soon MV!

Monday, April 4, 2011

All Too Fast

Lots of things are happening all too fast. 

This great weekend getaway with my family to Salt Lake happened way too fast. It was so nice to get out of Idaho for a day and stay downtown in the City.
We shopped, I love The Gateway mall.
We bought brownies and sat by the temple.
We enjoyed the rain and then it turned into snow.
We attended Sunday afternoon session of General Conference.
We had a lot of fun! But now it's finals week...and it's going by too fast because I have too much to do!
Somehow it will get done, and somehow in 3 days i'll be cruisin' the I-15 to good, old Nevada.
I may just pee my pants with excitement. I'm so ready for a break!

Stills from this weekend

Ltop: Ari and I enjoying the our view of the crowds going to the Priesthood session 
Rtop: The wonderful mint brownie from Nauvoo Cafe
Lbottom: Our hotel view of downtown SLC
Rbottom: SLC temple
I love exploring different cities. Does your heart belong in a city? If so, which one?

Friday, April 1, 2011

This Post Is Dedicated To...

(not my mama, my design buddy!)

She only likes me for my name and ginger locks but I like her for a lot more than her name and gorgeous texan locks.

You see...
This girl is funny, she is very talented, she has a voice of an angel and helps keep me sane in this busy, busy major we have both invested our social life into. 

Happy Birthday Girl!
I'm gonna miss you like Crazy (with a capitol C)!!!
Her first trip to Vegas, Nov. 2010
Corinne, Me, Ari, Mady