Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Things Never Change...Some Do.

I'm home! After a miraculous drive home w/out any bad weather what so ever! It is wonderful. My mom made me lunch! I got to watch Ari, play in her volleyball match this morning MVP! MVP! MVP!...the first non-dancer in the fam. (a tad heart broken) Now another miracle is happening right before my eyes as i type this: she's cleaning up a mess. So "things that have changed at home" #1: Ari cleans up messes? rumor is she cleaned the bathroom this week too. Weird.

Something that hasn't changed since I left:

...we dance to embarrassing music.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, Let's See...

Lately all i've been doing is working on the final project for my Space Planning class. It was assigned a month before it's due, so you can totally guess how much detail is involved. It's pretty much driving me up the wall. I've been buckling down lately so that I can enjoy next week at home & try not to think about any more about it. Believe me, it will happen.
Speaking of home...
I'll be arriving in 48 hours! I've got so many fun things planned and i'm so excited to see everybody!
Guess what i'm doing RIGHT NOW?! listening to Michael Buble. Need i say more? I'm convinced he will sing at my wedding reception someday, so you might want to stay friends with me. (And Dad, you might want to start a charity pot of some sort).
Guess what happened to me on Saturday? I went to Albertsons and i got coupons for free eggs, butter & flour! It was a Christmas miracle.
Guess what i'm super excited about for next week? COUSIN REUNITEMENT! It'll be just like the good old days.

{trent, me, taylor, (hidden) ty, tar}
minus mady/ari/annie/lucy/abby/phoebe!woopwoop!

I'm sure we can break out the turtle sand box that turned into a kitty litter box in it's later days.
hey, surprise! Taylor is making the same face in the last picture we took ;)
See you soon Moapa Valley!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Birthday Boy

See you Friday night! then we can start everything we have to do while i'm home for break...including:
movie nights
dinner at macayos
our first geocaching experience
and of course running from zombies, your new app i was quite thrilled to hear about.
(excuse me in this picture, i'm quite naked.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The only evidence i have that last night actually happened.
Think last weekend's road trip meets dance party

For the record, i've got the coolest friends ever. It's hard for me to get out of my comfort zone, let alone feel like i can be who i am around people. When i'm with these friends of mine, i'm not afraid to be who i really am & that makes me happy!
Here's to another great semester...and actually working on our final project. maybe.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mean Men

Today while walking to class, I saw geese flying South and all I really wanted to do was yell


9 days until i'm home! but there's sooooo much to get done in the mean time. so help me get through the rest of this week. Oh boy do i have a story for you.

So last night I was very much enjoying my Just Dance battle on wii with some design friends. We slowly get our stuff together getting ready to leave (before curfew of course...) and then i find out my car is getting towed. I pretty much pooped my pants. Long story short, the mean man says I can give him $100 now or come get it from whatever you call the car jail place. Then he asks for my keys so he can turn my steering wheel. I said if i get $50 off. He didn't laugh. So not only am i watching them tow Clifford away (my car has a name) I am helping him tow Clifford away! forgive me buddy...
I must admit something to you all. When i'm mad and mean guys are asking me what my name is (to write on the bill of course) i like to say "Austriana Messer" and then look away like they're stupid when they don't know how to spell it. It makes me feel mean, and i like that. But guess what? When he asked me how to spell it, this is what i said..."A-u-s-t-r-a-n-a, woops, i mean i-a-n-a." and then!!!!! the mean poop face had the funnyness to say, "I forget how to spell my name sometimes too." and now he knows what death looks like because i gave him the look that I wanted to punch his kidneys out of his back.
For the record, Clifford is home & safe. And I now need to carry a bucket around that says 'money for the poor'.

But in the realm of things, I suppose my problems aren't so bad...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Here

Nights sleeping with the window opened just got a whole lot colder.
Using 4WD is happening a whole lot more.
Fingers & Toes are prepping for numbness.
I look like a freak when I walk, with my fear of slipping.
And all of those romantic/winter/snuggle bunny couples are arriving.

{while walking to class}

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Guitar who?
Guitar coats, it's cold outside!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Trip to The Moon

Prepare yourself to read about the most epic Saturday roadtrip that ever took place. Folks, it started out in Rexburg, Idaho. Then going to Atomic City, ID...the first 'city' to ever run on atomic power. population:25. Here we stopped at the town bar/gas station and took some pictures, visited the "recreational park" and lost a wallet. Yes, lost a wallet. We cruised the town and then headed out.

{Matt, Me, Lizzie, Lysa, AmyJo, Liz}

We stopped at the 1st Nuclear Plant...and then Arco Idaho (where quite the even took place later in the on...)

Next stop: Craters of The Moon!!! We arrived at the visitors center and this is when we realized the wallet was lost. We decided to look around and then try to get a hold of the gas station later. At Craters of The Moon we hiked up Inferno Cone, an 18 story basaltic cinder cone (whatever that means) It was a mountain made of black overlooked the lava planes. we took pictures.
We hiked around the lava cave areas & went down into Indian Tunnel. The lava flow (what's the other name for 'lava flow'? hahaha) was so awesome looking! It was the perfect day to be outside.

{lysa walking on the moon}

We were then heading to Sun Valley when we passed the most incredible house i have ever seen.

It had been foreclosed & never finished...gah! Even though it said 'No Trespassing', we had to, we just had to! Look at this place! it's absolutely AMAZING! Be on the lookout for a reality show based on 6 designers who finish this home. It will be the best show ever! Just FYI.

{Did we take down the rope to drive down the driveway?.......never.........Look at the driveway! rock walls & all. geeeeesh}

We finally made it to Sun Valley. Of course, the shops were closing but we walked around town, had lunch and then went geocaching. Have you ever gone geocaching? it's like treasure hunting, and i kind of love it. Then we got dessert at Cornerstone Bar & Grill. This place was awesome. It felt more like I was sitting in a restaurant in Upper East Side, Manhattan. And you know how much i love NY.
On the way home we stopped a couple times looking for more goecaches, sang at the top of our lungs & almost got gang raped. (don't worry mom, that's really exaggerating)

*enter 'quite the event' i mentioned earlier"*
Did you know it's hard to find a bathroom in small town in Idaho, well it is. Even when it's only about 10:30 pm. However, bars are open late. So here we are, this bar is the only thing that's open & we all have use the bathroom. So we enter. There are only about 10 people, they're drunk and dancing to hip hop music. we laugh. we walk to the back. of course it's a oner. (you know, like only one bathroom, so you have to wait in the hall) we do our business, we walk out. We all pile back into the car. Here walk out 2 guys, drinks in hand, look around, notice our car. Walk over to my window, knock on it "Hey you guys are cute!"...somewhere along those lines. I'm about to bust out laughing, here is this guy knocking on my window, i'm looking the other way, trying to ignore him & here is Matt-just sitting there in park. seriously? let me tell you what matthew said, and i quote "I guess i should drive away."
*note to self: never trust Matt to get us out of an awkward situation*

Another geocach later we arrive back in Atomic City-wallet had been found. We try to feed deer cheese nips, we see eyes lurking in the darkness, Lysa screams.
Nothing I say can give this trip justice. It was epic.

Friday, November 5, 2010

As Of Lately

As of lately I have been spending 24/7 with my design friends, and i would have it no other way!
As of lately I have been obsessed with Maroon 5's Hands All Over album & Taylor Swift's Speak Now album
As of lately I have been spending late nights at the Clarke doing projects
As of lately I have not been knowing what to blog about
As of lately I have been cleaning my apt because my roommates are complete slobs
Right now I am listening to Katy Perry's new album
Right now I am looking forward to tomorrow---day roadtrip to Craters of the Moon, Atomic City & Sun Valley
Right now I am looking up movie times for Inception (going to finally see it tonight!)
Right now I am counting down days until i fly home for Thanksgiving! (2 weeks from today!!!)
Right now I love reading my buddies' blogs. check them out here, here & here
Right now I am designing a logo for myself & was totally inspired today when a graphic designer gave us some tips.
I'm looking forward to seeing my family!
I'm looking forward to the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Kickball Game with the cousins
I'm looking forward to kicking some 4 square trash-annie, you best be prepared this time ;)
I'm looking forward to landing in Las Vegas and seeing lights
I'm looking forward to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
I'm looking forward to deep fried turkey
I'm looking forward to my new schedule!
-3D design
-Space Planning 2
-Mission Prep

Pictures of an EPIC weekend to come!

Remember the box my group had to design? Element: Time, Principle: Rhythm by Gradation. The outcome:

{Lysa, Maren, Me}

*note: old pictures include Gpa Adams, Gma Verla on her high school drill team and (gpa again?) holding a chicken.
To be completely honest, i wasn't crazy about the outcome...but we will have plenty of opportunities to do different stuff in 'the boxes' for my first time it's alright, glad to have the stress over with!