Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Year Ago & Internships

Wooooow. I guess you could say I've been on a brief hiatus.
I was reading my mission journals tonight. I love to see what I was doing an exact year ago. It's then I start to freak out and can't believe that it's been almost an entire year since I returned home. How does that even happen?! I was reading about getting to my last area in Toronto, opening a new area with a brand new missionary. I was so excited. I love everything about that city. In fact, I quote my journal, "I love the buses, I love the city. Ask me why I love the city and the public transportation? I have no idea. But if it were a man, I would marry him."
Speaking of men, have you read the blog that my roommate and I started? Cat Lady Corner. It's chock-full of embarrassing stories.
Speaking of cities, I'm on a hunt for a summer internship. I've made a website with some of my portfolio pieces. I've applied to a few architecture/design firms at the moment, in Manhattan and Los Angeles. I'm on a hunt for where I'm supposed to be though. I plan to apply to many more. Do you have any connections? I need some connections.
Some of my recent work:

Stay tuned: My final project of the semester is a restaurant design. I'm loving the realm of commercial design compared to residential. We drew out of three separate bowls to find out what we would be designing. Type of restaurant, targeted audience, and design style. I am so excited about mine! I got 5 star, white collar, in the style of Art Deco. Get ready! I'm excited to share it with you!