Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody!
Skyping with Sister Messer on Christmas!!!
It was fun to skype a couple days ago! Thus I have not much to say...I was going to send home pictures but I may have to do it snail mail style because it keeps freeezing when i try and upload it...and my converter isn't working so i borrowed an elders but it's just freezing. weird.
Sister Casner is sick and has been since cmas night...that makes the works a little bit slower but hopefully she gets well soon.
mom, i like my sweats! I tried them on that night and we were going to do some yoga this morning alas sister c is sick. so the time will soon come. I played with the family whose house we were at while sister casner skyped.
We're teaching  a couple of people. Amanda and Viola. They both have dates for Jan. 13, we've been working w/them a lot and hopefully things will go well! especially as cmas season slows down and what not.

Thanks everyone for all the stuff you sent me! It was fun to get some new things, sister missionaries get tired of the same ol' least i do :) Gma the fleece lined tights are great- i wore them yesterday!
Cool story that happened yesterday- we've been delivering the living cmas cards up until cmas and a member invited us over Sunday to deliver to some neighbors, well they called us yesterday during comp study and said that the neighbor had mentioned us a couple of times since we had stopped by and that they were coming over for a late cmas/boxing day lunch and they invited us! So we went over and had a great dinner and talked with them some, got to know them. They're awesome! They asked a lot of questions about the church and are quite knowledgable already...hopefully we can keep working with the family and can start teaching them!
Well, i wish i could get some pictures sent! :( I'll try to figure something out...maybe it's my new memory card? something is up...who knows. Have a great week! Talk to you next wednesday!
sister messer

Monday, December 17, 2012

In Kitchener with Sister Casner

Hey Everyone!
 New address is
475 Lancaster St. W. #18
Kitchener, ON N2H 4V9

    Well this week has gone by rather quickly! Transfers on Tuesday went well. After emailing on Monday we met our district and went out to lunch. Then packed and then i drove Sis. Wester to Woodstock (her new area) Her companion just had her appendix out the day before so she was expecting a pretty slow week. Then I switched companions and brought Sis. DeRuvo back to Waterloo with me. She's from Italy! She's really cool. Hopefully we can serve together some day. :) Then Tuesday morning we drove to Brampton. As we were driving up, I saw Subhash! So i rolled down the window and yelled at him and he came over. We were able to talk for quite some time. It was really cool to see him! He's doing really well. Then I waited around for a couple of hours until Sis. Casner arrived. Then drove back to Kitchener. That night we had dinner with the Mitchells. We're also skyping at their house on Christmas. They're from Utah! Bro Mitchell is in the bishopric. Sis Mitchell's brother married Pres. Scott's daughter. Small world. After dinner, Bro. Mitchell asked us to speak in sacrament meeting Sunday so we did, and it went really well. Spoke on charity/service. Perfect! The KW ward is great. I think we're going to really like it. There are a lot babies...which is a big change from YSA :) Quite a few families from the states...It's going to be great! Sis. Casner is really sweet and funny. Everyone likes the fact that we're both from NV. We even sang the state song when we were at a members house a few days ago. Winning the hearts!
   We found a couple of new investigators this week. Viola was a member referral from someone in Brampton and we've taught her a couple of times. She's really sweet and hopefully things continue to go well for her. As well as William, the husband of a part-member family. We're having FHE with them tonight!
   We've met a few families throught dinner appts this week. One of them is an older couple and they had jars of water all over their kitchen. When we asked them what that was all about they went on this long explanation about some Japanese guy who's figured out that after talking to water or wrapping words around the bottle it's in and then freezing it that the crystals look different. Then after drinking the water it directly affects your attitude and stuff. It was quite interesting...i made the mistake of telling him i drink tap water though. Apparently that's REALLY bad.
   On Saturday we were at the church and someone was decorating for a wedding. They brought in some flowers and said, "do any of you know how to arrange flowers?" So i got to do a simple bouquet for the wedding. It was fun, hadn't done that in a long time!
   Remember Sister Ence? The one we met in st. george before i left? Well she's serving in the Kitchener spanish branch now! We see each other all the time. Funny, eh? Who knew that after meeting in st. george a year later we'd both be serving in kitchener/waterloo. Haha i guess Heavenly Father did!
   Something else that is kinda cool is that the artist Simon Dewey, with all the sweet church painting- his son is in our zone. I'd been talking to him all the time and had no idea there was a relation until sis. wester actually told me haha. When he was at the airport leaving to go to the mtc, his dad was like 'oh by the way i just finished my painting' and he showed it to him and it was him and Christ in front of the toronto skyline. The picture is on our cell phone cuz he also served in the kw ward. it's really neat!
   Enough randomness i suppose. our next pday isn't until After Cmas- next thursday...woof. BUT i'll talk to you on skype Tuesday! holla! Have a great week! I'm out of memory on my camera card, so i'm buying a new one today. I'll take more pics this week :)
Sister Messer

Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm being transferred!

Hello everyone!
attached are pics of us volunteering at the Waterloo Region food bank, cmas caroling and our district at our zone training this past week.
   Guess what? I'm being transferred! We got calls last night telling me I was whitewashing the Kitchener 2 ward but then they called me again this morning and said they are moving me legit this time i'm whitewashing in the Kitchener/Waterloo ward. My new companion is S. Casner. We were in the same MTC district and she's also from NV! I believe Truckee or Sparks...i'll let you know next week. haha So I get to stay in the same area basically but again with the whitewashing...they really need to stop that. :) I'm totally bummed to be leaving YSA but the cool part is that many of the YSA members that I worked with-their families are in the ward! So that's cool.

   To answer your weather questions- yes, it's been quite rainy and wet. No snow though! And about Owen Sound exchanges- I DIDN'T GET TO GOOOO! Sister Wester isn't allowed to drive for a while and the sister she was going to be companions with doesn't drive at all. So they had to cancel it simply because of driving issues. :(
   Downtown Waterloo and Kitchener are both decorated for Christmas. It's cute with all the wreaths and lights and of course ice skating rinks! Too bad we can't play winter sports! We have a very tiny cmas tree in our apt...i don't know if my new apt with have a cmas tree- we may have to go find one somewhere! 
   Our district went Christmas caroling on Friday night in downtown Kitchener, it was an interesting experience- Kitchener downtown has some one-of-a-kind characters. But it was a lot of fun! I attached a picture. We had to reserve this place called 'speakers corner' where different preachers and what not can stand and preach. haha but i think we're doing it every friday this month.
   We learned a lot about involving prayer in our goal setting this week. Since we were struggling to find new investigators and reaching our goals we were extra prayerful in the eperience. Last Monday we made a goal to have a new investigator and an other lesson, not knowing exactly how it would happen. When pday was over we went out and started street contacting. After about 10 min someone we had met on the street a few days before called and wanted to meet with us! So that was pretty neat. Prayers are answered- go figure :)
   So other than all that good stuff i'm trying to think of interesting things to tell you. Oh! There's an elder in our zone that we've been working with and he is Simon Dewey's son- like the hardcore artist. Pretty neat, eh?
   We had dinner with Arthur this week and he recieved the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday. yay! He's doing great. He's going home to Brazil for Christmas but hopefully can attend the temple while he's there. We're excited for him.
   Wellllllll wish me luck this week! keep S. Casner and I in your prayers!
Love Sister Messer

Monday, December 3, 2012

We're trying our best to find the elect!

Hello Everyone!
  Well this week was a pretty good one. A lot of our investigators dropped us (the not so good part) But we did gain one new investigator who we committed to baptism in a few weeks. The lesson was great, you could tell he was feeling the spirit big time! He's from Africa.  With finals and everything going on it's been pretty slow in the YSA. Our most progressing investigator (Derick, the one with a muslim mother and hindu father) came to church yesterday and it went REALLY well! His baptismal date is on the 16th BUT we were walking with him down the hallway and he said something and then said, "and i'm 33, so blah blah..." NOOO!!! His dad had told us he was 27. So we have to hand him over to the elders in the family ward :( We were so bummed! He even signed up on our dinner calendar! go fig. So things have been changing a lot with the people we're working with. But we know there are people in this area (under the age of 39..) who ARE prepared! Who are the elect! We're just trying to find them.
   This week our district had our district meeting at Pres. Olsen's house. They fed us a big breakfast, hooked us up. He's in the mission presidency so that was neat. Then a less active in the branch invited us to the Mandarin (a popular buffet) that he works at, and then a couple hours after that we had a dinner appt and we went to our fav indian restaurant. We were stuffed to the rafters. We're very grateful for memebers! haha
 Ya! It's been pretty cold this week! It snowed a good amount on Friday but it rained yesterday and killed all the snow. The weather is supposed to be pretty mild the next few days...over 10*C. Today i'm not even wearing tights! You can call me a brave soul.
   Transfers are indeed coming up! Calls are Sunday. This week President Scott called our zone leaders and requested that I do a couple days exchange up to Owen Sound. That made me kinda nervous. haha I'm not sure why but i'm excited! I'll be doing that Wed afternoon drive up/all day Thurs/Fri coming back. There are a bunch of new sisters coming in january. 10 english speaking, a few things will switch up a lot soon! I'm sure it'll start this transfer! Sister Scott said that President gets emails whenever someone gets their call to our mission and after conference one night it kept beeping and that most of them were sisters. haha lots of changes!

   We didn't get to watch the 1st presy message last night. It didn't start until 8pm and you could only go if you had legit investigators going. I'm sure it was good though!
   We had a funny experience this week. Our zone leaders were moving apts in their complex and our district went over and helped them out. Their superintendent saw us helping and after we left said, "So you guys have a couple of girls moving in with you, eh?!" hahaha I guess just some of their many wives... ;)
Well that pretty much sums up the week. This next week should be interesting! Thanks for the prayers :) We're trying our best to find the elect! . . . and then pass them on to the elders ;)
Love Sister Messer