Saturday, December 11, 2010

Roommate Talk

I've recently noticed, after carrying on a conversation for quite some time, that my roommate and I talk about some weird stuff.
For example
While flipping through channels very late tonight we came across Raw wrestling in which a short conversation like this took place:

Jesika: You know, those guys aren't too bad looking-they're jaw lines and all.
Me: Seriously, I wonder how much of their face has been broken and then re-structured though.
Jesika: That's true. They're pretty attractive, but boys like that don't like girls like us.
Me: But I mean, if they had been raised in the church and then looked like that and played football for BYU or something, they'd be total studs.
Jesika: But then they would have to not know that they are attractive.
Me: True, it's always better that way.

But i'm pretty sure people talk about that stuff all the time, no?

Other things we've been talking about lately--
-Have you seen the commercials for that Sarah Palin's Alaska show? If yes, thoughts about Kate Gosselin and her kiddos being on it? We laugh at the commercials. Kate is totally freaking out about being hungry while camping out...i'm thinkin it's all a bad idea.
-Any Millionaire Matchmaker fans out there? We died laughing the whole episode this creepy millionaire was on it-

seriously, all i had to do to find a picture of him was google: "millionaire matchmaker creepy millionaire". score. If you didn't see it, it just may be worth wasting your time over.

Did you hear about the British comedian who was told he was going to die, so he spent his life savings on his bucket list only to find out he was mis-diagnosed? hmmm I dunno, I think besides having no money, knocking off your bucket list would be awesome. Probably why i love the show The Buried Life.
Alright, it's late, and Chelsea Lately is barely entertaining me, alas we were too lazy to change the channel after The Soup was over. Yes, we ended on The Soup after passing up Raw wrestling, classy ladies.
Aside from my odd celeb gossip post, a week from tonight I will be at home, in my old bed. wonderful.
However, do i ever have a lot of stuff to get done this week. Gah.


Lizzie Marchant said...

can i tell you... the other night i was up late (doing hw of course) and i totally saw this episode of millionaire matchmaker!!!!! CREEPER i felt so bad for that girl....

glitterfeet said...

Totally loved this post! My roommates and I feel like that a lot too. Totally random conversations happen all the time. SO funny.