Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy B&H

Happy Birthday Grandma Verla!

Grandma after getting caught trying to push me into the the sink hole
{Tar, Me, Gma, Mady-January 2010}

Happy Halloween!
i'll be watching scary movies and eating candy with my roommates :)

in other news:
--Spent Friday night putting together a white box challenge for interior design. Details to come!
--Thanksgiving break in 3 weeks! special surprise coming with me! :)

I've Been Gypped!

This time around i'm designing for a woman in NYC by the name of Samantha Ray. Though i may not be a fan of her French Rococo and Early Neoclassic design taste, she is a fashion designer and that i love. What does a fashion designer need in her NYC apartment? A magnificent closet, of course! So upon stumbling upon THESE closets... i have come to the conclusion that i've been gypped! My 3 feet of rod space and 3 1x1 shelve space in my apartment just isn't cutting it. I need a little something like this:

And someday (mark my words!) I will have a closet even more magnificent.

P.S. am i the only one who loved Jessica Alba's hat collection from the link above?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Let me tell you about a little place called Sammy's. Sammy's is fun. Sammy's is delicious. Sammy's makes you feel like a cow afterwards. Sammy's makes shakes with whole pieces of pie or cupcakes in them. It's good. Sammy's has Wednesday night karaoke. Austrie hasn't quite worked up the courage for Wednesday night karaoke.

{photo courtesy of Lizzie}

no worries, i'll be back. with my big girl panties on.
What song should be sung?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Never Grow Up

Guess what happened today? Snowed. The beginning of the end. Luckily it didn't you can see in this wonderful picture I took while walking to class. Little white balls just sat on the sidewalk. It was rather cold.

In better news, Taylor Swift's new album came out! I love all the songs. If I had the chance to meet a celeb, I would probably choose Swifty. (and you know all about the other ones i love) So that's saying a lot ;)...Actually i take that back. If Taryn was with me, I would choose the boys. :)
It's one of those nights i should be working on my project. Come to think of it, when am i not working on a project? never. So i'm "taking a break". This project is for an apartment on the top floor of a high rise building in San Francisco. The older couple use it as a 'party apartment' for small groups of people before they go to a show or event. It also showcases art & sculptures. In other words, a lifestyle totally different from anyone I know. That is until i'm designing for high class clients like these people...One can dream.
Trying to think about something more exciting to tell you all about. In my family history class we have to do a final project---blogs count. score. (this is partially the reason you've all seen more 'olden day' pictures lately & because I think they're fun) So enjoy another old picture, in the spirit of Halloween:

{Halloween 1993. Taylor, Trent, Taryn, Me}
poofy bangs=total win.

Friday, October 22, 2010

FroYo Friday

Friday night I met up with Michaela. We went to Twizl berry for some froyo. For the last 2 years we've talked about meeting up...and we finally did!

Fun facts about Michaela & I:
We became friends when she moved to Overton during middle school
We were dance team buddies throughout high school!
{Steph, Michaela, Me-basketball season '07-'08}

We would do leprechaun kicks after every half time dance (do you remember that?!)
She is married & pregnant! Due in January with a little girl!
We still have so much fun together!

{our twizl berry after shot}

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dad was a Rockstar, Mom was a Babe

Any Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen fans out there? That's what i thought. The title of this post is my fav quote from the movie...pretty sure I have the right to use it any time I want cuz check this out.

Align Center
Pretty sure my dad was a rockstar (Joe Jonas totally wore those same pants yesterday)...and my mom was definitely a babe.
love it.

Sometimes I Relax. Sometimes.

Saturdays I hate to do homework. I hate to think about homework, I hate unzipping my backpack. So when talking about hw over the weekned, I just have to say "aint gonna happennn!" (just like Glozell) Usually i'm pretty good about not feeling guilty about it...but not lately. Not doing anything on Saturday makes me feel like a total waste. Especially when it's in the wee hours of the morning the night before projects are due and I think back to Saturday when i lounged around. Enough school blah blah

Let's talk Maroon 5. New album Hands All Over? YES. Please. love times 5billion.

Let's also talk Haunted Mills. Apparently there's a good one around here....but do you blame me for turning down the opportunity tonight? Like i'm gonna pay 10$ to pee my pants? ya...about that. I honestly think the last time i entered anything haunted was with my dad at a Halloween church activity probably over 10 years ago (dad, please tell me you remember this). I strangely recall walking through the nursery room in the dark. I cried. Pretty sure the only way i will ever enter something haunted ever again is if i can hold onto something like this. (p.s. Dad, i liked watching the last Reds game on tv with you over the phone)

Lastly, let's talk about how this semester is like 1/2 way over. HOLY. Time flies when you're having fun. . . or when you're stressed out of your mind. Either one---i'm experiencing both.

Let us take a trip down memory lane, when times were less stressed & all i had to worry about was running around in a leotard, sweet shades & making sure I called Taryn over before some other girl did.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm in Love...

WITH LIFE! Yesterday a bunch of the Interior Designers from the program attended the ASID Intermountain Chapter Annual Meeting in Sun Valley, ID. (what a cool little town!) We left at 5:15am and got back at 1:00am. LONG day. But soooo worth it. I haven't laughed that much with friends in a long time. I guess it re-assured me that i'm doing the right thing & it's where i'm supposed to be. Anyway, back to the fun stuff...This place was fancy shmancy. I tried truffles! you the ones pigs find in the forest? haha except i just googled 'truffles' and they didn't look like that...i'm thinking someone lied to me & they were really just mushrooms...

What I did all day:
Listened to a few designers speak
Took pictures with friends
Ate amazing food
Used really cool bathrooms...they were just really cool.
Drank delicious hot chocolate at the Chocolate Foundry
Walked through downtown shops
Visited the Lady of the Snows catholic church (it has suede walls & is gorgeous)
Watched BYU idaho students win 1st place. holla.

{lizzie, corinne, kirsten, me & liz}

{shopping downtown}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's on Repeat

Anyone out there buy Taylor Swift's new single SPEAK NOW?
I did.
It's on repeat.
I recommend buying it late at night because then you have a dream you're front row at her i did. Hahaha.
I really love music. and concerts. and Taylor Swift. Next concert? Taylor Swift, who's in?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Call Me A Creeper...But

I wanted to prove to all of you (that I have explained this to) that I do in fact have a roommate who is a taxidermist. My room roommate walked into our room and said "There is a DEAD FOX out there". Being the creeper that I am (I mainly stay within the facebook creeper realm of things...but i occasionally branch out into other creeper status...what's the plural word for status?) I took a picture. So ya go. Do you see it? Over her left shoulder. The larger red/furry thing in against the wall is a lemur mascot costume she is making.
so help me.

{update: the fox has been moved to her room with other...things.}