Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So long, Farewell

Taryn is leaving me! She left today to go to college at BYU. I still have a week and a half until i leave for BYUI. Looking on the bright side... 1) We will be closer than we were last year since she's in Provo & i'm in Rexburg 2) We both have cars to travel and see each other! 3) I will convince her to transfer to BYUI ;) Don't get married off too fast Tar bear! Remember, we still have to live together someday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Measuring Up

If you're part of the family, you know that Gma Verla always measures the grandkids. Last night we had to keep the tradition going! For the record, i'm still an inch taller than Mady! 5'10" vs. 5'9". Believe it or not, Taryn even grew like a centimeter making her OVER 5 ft. yay taryn! And of course Ari is getting taller too. haha This is us in line to get measured...ya, it's a pretty attractive picture. haha

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

♥ San Diego!

We were supposed to go on our family vacation on Sunday night (then my dad got called as Stake President)...so we moved it to Wednesday (then Ari broke her arm tues. night and had surgery wed)...but we finally got off on Thursday!

We drove down to La Jolla on Thursday.
Mady & me walking to La Jolla beach

On Friday we went to SeaWorld and Coronado Island.
This is Ari at SeaWorld...lookin like she's having tons of fun!

These eels were creepy! pretty nasty looking and they would just float around. gross

We got to feed and pet dolphins :) Loved it.

We also saw a Shamu show, a dolphin show, seal/otter show, pet show, cirque de la mar show...lots of shows.

Hotel Del Coronado was awesome. We got there at sunset, so it was really pretty.

Saturday we drove to the San Diego temple and then to downtown San Diego where we hit up the USS Midway (aircraft carrier that my dad had to see) and a mall and drove through Balboa Park, then headed home.

San Diego Temple

On USS Midway

It was a short vacation, but a fun one!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Wait, it was a video....

Whenever I come across this video I just laugh and laugh. This was taken at Taylor's homecoming lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We asked the waiter to take a pic of the whole group...but it was on video. Don't you love it when that happens? haha

Everyone was so still...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh NO baby!

Ari broke her arm tonight! She's at the hospital and has to have surgery at 6:30 in the morning to get some pins put in to re-attach the bone. She's a trooper! Here's a pic my dad sent me... Get well baby!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

o my goodness, o my goodness

On Saturday, I went to a JB/Honor Society/Jordin Sparks concert. It was AWESOME! (as expected) I went with Mady and my friend Kelsey. Sadly our picture w/ Honor Society hasn't been uploaded yet (cuz it's by Verizon) but soon it will be :) We spent all day in Vegas shopping and hunting JB down haha. Here's a few pics of the amazing-ness :)

Me infront of the Verizon bus. People all over the country have signed it.

ummm...lol, we snuck in the back lots and i took a pic of some of thier tour buses...this was right before we became good friends with a security guard :) We were talking to him and JB drove right by us. hahaha Big Rob was sitting right in the front. Best day ever!


Jordin Sparks (who is AMAZING live!)

Mady & Me

Honor Society (my new FAVORITE band! These guys are awesome!) It was so tight that we got to meet them backstage. Will definitely post that pic when i get it!