Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hair Bow

I'm sure we've all watched our fair share of youtube tutorials. (you can admit it, i won't tell anyone) You know what i'm talking about! If you're a Lady Gaga fan and love her Bad Romance music video, you should definitely check her eyeballs out  HERE.

Anyway, my friend Liz inspired me to watch this hair bow tutorial and some day when i get enough self confidence, i will wear it in public!

Until then, enjoy the pictures...i hate taking pictures of myself--i'm so awkward! haha
Link me to your fav tutorials!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Warning: Infestation

I received an interesting text message from my roommate Sarah today. 
Sarah: "The apartment has been strip-searched for drugs! Don't be alarmed."
I don't know about you but the first thing that popped into my head was, "oh flip! is there anything i've been hiding that i'll get in trouble with?" hahaha
She wasn't serious.
I thought she was.

What was the truth? They really tore our room apart to look for BED BUGS. You mean to tell me that bed bugs are real? Long story short...the apt next to us had them. (gag) Our apt got sprayed for them (because we're next to them? idk) and they're quarantined for 24 hrs. 3 of them are staying at my apt. Number of people in my apt just jumped to 9. even cooler! 
How does this even happen? 
P.S. don't google "bed bugs", nasty little buggers!
P.S.S. college is so exciting.

"danger, infested mattresses"
at least that's what i would write on them
My "drug-searched" bedroom

Good news- family will be here in 4 days!
Even better news-I'm getting married!
JK. "not gonna happpennn" (said like Glozell)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


What a great way to make a snowy day a better day. What is, you ask? I won a giveaway! THIS GIVEAWAY to be exact! I get this beautiful necklace by Along Abbey Road. PLUS I get whatever I want inscribed on it. That was part of the contest---to tell them what we would have inscribed. I said "Love Yourself" because sometimes it's just a hard thing to do (focusing on all your faults and all) but it's important! So now I have a cute reminder hanging around my neck whenever I feel like it...and by the looks of that beauty, you can bet I will be every day!

The necklace:

p.s. you, my blog readers are all winners too.

Other good news: My final kitchen design is due tomorrow and i'm finished. (huge sigh of relief)
It's almost Friday!
The snow isn't sticking!
The family will be in Rexburg in 1 week! (from tomorrow...but it's pretty much tomorrow)

A&A Thursday

Do you read this blog? I particularly enjoy her awkward and awesome thursday' i'm borrowing it for a day.

-Getting ready to walk across the crosswalk, approaching this boy who attends the same sunday school class as you, when he says hey and you look up and then see he is talking the person behind you. nice.
-Someone in your mission prep class who x's your name on the role and puts a smiley face in the box as well. 1) you know i'm anti-social so i know absolutely no one except the girl who sits next to me. 2) these are 18 year old boys we're talking about.
-Roommates with hickeys on their upper lip...hahaha!
-Watching this girl using the computer in front of me hug her fiance for like 20min swaying back and forth.
-Middle parts, or at least how they look on me.
-Rebecca Black. surely you've seen her music video.

-Sara Bareilles' song "Gravity"
-My designer friends who i can always the clarke building
-Central park (i'm watching "Definitely Maybe", they're walking through it right now)
-I've been searching for a hickory wood sample for a board i have to put together, no luck. Until i notice a piece of wood sitting on my bedroom floor, it had fallen off a previous sample board i've done, i turn it over, it reads: Hickory. :)
-The acoustic version of any song
-The Gateway mall in SLC (see you soon!)
-Colored staples. I enjoy breakin' my mini stapler out for all to enjoy. They're red.
-Mirror stair risers! 

What are your awkwards & awesomes?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Metaphors & Baseball...boys.

My. Oh. My. Who's burned out? ME. The funny thing is there's still five billion gazillion things that have to happen (be turned in) before the end of the semester! But i've made a list of a few things that sets my view on the horizon...and the sun is finally setting! (I just made that little metaphor up...sun = semester) haha oh geeez. See? I told you i'm going crazy. 
Here's my list:

The fam is coming to visit in like 12 days! Then we're heading to General Conference. Holla!

Mady's Dance Revue 3/ abby the cuz

Summer vacation. I don't think this needs any explanation.
Boogie boardin' at Hermosa Beach 7/10

 Summer baseball games!
My roommate Sarah asked me the other day, "Austrie, do you like baseball because you actually like baseball or because of the people who play baseball?" How dare she?!

Mr. Kemp at his finest...
simple answer, really.

Disneyland (because i'm soooo counting on going. it's gonna happen! even if i have to sell lollipops on the side of the road to earn money)

My 21st Bday! Vegas anyone? ;)

Oh and of course the neighbor BBQ Lexie and I have been planning via blog chat! Willards & Messers re-unite!

and since we're posting pictures...
Ryan Reynolds

Now I feel like watching The Proposal.
"Do you prefer Margaret or Satan's Mistress?" 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

So, i'm totally wearing this pin today---

Let the truth be known: I'm kinda nervous to wear it in public...never know what creepy creeps will be lurkin'!
But really, the jokes on them because i'm not Irish...i just have the red hair to joke around with them. Ok, acutally i may have a little Irish blood in me. Like when people ask you your heritage and you say, "I'm German, Swedish, English, Blah, Blah, Blah and Irish" That's me. I'm a mut! Haha ok, not really...actually all Americans are, yes? 

Side note, can you tell in that picture that my hair is wet? I just got out of the shower...I slept in...even though a huge project is due a week from tomorrow and i'm stressin' over it...what else is new, story of my life. No worries people, it will be completed!

Enough homework talk, cuz i know that's all i've been doin lately. What have you been doin lately? You better be wearing green today! (pinch.) Eat some pistachio pudding for know, cuz it's green.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Idaho Isn't Always Boring

Interesting Friday nights seem to happen when it's early and you're bored. Actually, that isn't usually the case for me...but it was tonight. Us roommates were just hangin out watching Wedding Date when our friend Jim showed up. "We should go somewhere"..."i'm bored..." so when "let's go to the caves" came up, we were all game. Disappointed only a few minutes later when we ran into a closed road and newly re-made bridge sign which led us on a different course. We were now off to Warm Slough. Half hour later we were stuck in snow...with 4wheel drive not kicking in. Let me tell you, we are one buff group of gals (and boy). We went forward...we reversed...we were stuck quite nicely. After about 50 'that's what she said' jokes and an hour later we had finally made it. In celebration, we let of a few fireworks. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

By Popular Demand

Note: all designer buddies, this post contains former assignments. For your sanity, do not scroll down ;)
Double note: color was just used for line weight...not the actual colors. haha

I've heard you guys like it when i post projects i've worked here's one more. This is an assignment i did for my space plan 2 class. It's a 2 wall kitchen we were given a floor plan of and certain NKBA rules we had to follow. This was my solution:

I'm in the middle of a HUGE kitchen design right now and it's keeping me quite occupied, among other assignments that are of course do around the same time.
But 3 weeks from today, the Messer fam will be rolling into Rexburg for a quick visit before driving down to General i have something to look forward to!

What do you guys think?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Rain

Tonight it rained. That sentence should bring all of you (from snowy regions) great joy for this reason: It's dark and warm enough to rain and not snow! I'm rather pleased about this, even though the bottom of my jeans are soaked. There are legit streams running down the sidewalks! However, it still doesn't compare to the desert rain. I love the smell when it rains at home! Oh, and thunder too. Why doesn't it thunder/lightning here? Hmmm whatevs. 

Oh and wanna hear something crazy? It's March 10! Pretty much March 11...In one month from today I will be at home. Which puts me in the position of finding a job. I hate all jobs in Moapa Valley. So I need your help Moapa Valley-ites. Ideas....pour 'em in because i'm interested in my options...your ideas...ANYTHING! I'm down on my knees right now...hands clasped...fingers locked...looking you in the eyes...quivering my lower lip.
I'd appreciate it I really would...(said in an british accent)

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's My Baby's Birthday

Today is this little baby arnie's birthday. I call her baby because she is my baby! And I think Taylor started the name Arnie. Who knows. Either way, it's still her birthday! She's 11! and i got a mysterious message from her early this morning. She said, "It's my birthday" about 500 million times in a retardo voice. She seems like a little sweetheart to all of you...but she's really a little boy. Who loves it when i say,"you're growing into such a beautiful young woman!" hahahaha I like to tease her. Happy birthday arnie-poo.

A conversation that took place last night:
Her: How much longer of school do you have?

Me: I get out in a month!
Her: How long will you be home for?

Me: All summer!
Her: Realllllyyyyyy?!

Needless to say, she melts my heart...just a little bit. See you in a month!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Alter Ego

Whenever i'm sick of homework and deadlines and running out of toilet paper, i like to turn into Helen. Helen is my alter ego. Helen enjoys life you see, she has fun with her roommates, plays too much mario-kart and throws her cares out the window. 
Helen enjoys pretzels in peanut butter, sloths and dancing to Michael Jackson in the living room.
However, she has her fair share of irresponsibility problems. She likes to forget about everything that is going on that keeps her busy and non-sociable. On Saturday she slept in too long, watched Burlesque with her buddies, got in a mild snow fight and went to a glow-in-the-dark dance. Helen enjoys the college lifestyle. I'm totes jeal. Oh Helen, whatever shall i do about you?

Ok, so maybe i made all of that up...about becoming Helen. Because truth is I just like to have a little free time on my weekends and not feel guilty about it. Is that such a crime? I think not. I buckled down and got quite a lot accomplished this weekend too...just for the record. 

I'm just ready to kick this week in the bum. I can't believe this semester is about to wind up! One month. holy moly.

Right after this, Helen tried to drink out of a cup with glasses on. No one told me people with glasses bonk the cup while gulpin' down some aqua! Props go out to people who wear glasses...i just like to pretend sometimes. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Excuse To Bring Up Armie Hammer

Tonight a cat followed my roommate Sarah into our apartment.
We kindly invited it (only because we don't know if it's a boy or girl) in.
We named it Sigma.
It was super cute.
Meet Sigma

In other news, i was just thinking about elementary school.
Mainly because Sarah just crawled under the dining table.
It reminded me of my 2nd grade class and this boy named Sammy.
He wouldn't talk to anybody except our teacher.
He would crawl under the desks and lick the girls legs.
He would also steal our jump ropes at recess.
Weird how you never forget about the weird kids.
The kid who was always getting called into the nurses office for lice...
or the kid who pood his pants on a regular basis...
I think lots of those kids ended up here at BYU-Idaho. 
Today there was a cowboy walking a horse on campus.
A few days ago a girl walked through the crossroads with her arm around a Justin Bieber cut-out.
The day after Valentines day, a boy dressed up like cupid ran past me and gave me a hannah montana valentine.
So i guess the moral of these stories are weird people make the world exciting. Oh, and Armie Hammer...he definitely makes the world exciting.