Monday, February 28, 2011

Might As Well Embrace It

Tonight after a long and rather gruesome battle of mario-kart with our FHE brothers, Becca and I decided to go build a snowman. After realizing the snow would not pack together we hung my camera on a tree branch, let is swing back and forth, set the timer and tried to get in the shot. I kinda like this one:

Oh, and yes...she got a Nintendo 64 from her friends and it's been rather distracting. I have a lot to get done in my classes this month and this just may be my weakness. Super Smash Bros anyone?

One last thing! Did you watch The Oscars last night? I did. Did you see the very fist Oscar given? It was awarded for Alice In Wonderland to the production designer & set decorator---and I was like...i'm so there! So just FYI, in like 10ish years, be looking out for me cuz that. would. be. epic. 
Who wore your fav dress? I thought Jennifer Hudson looked absolutely amazing! Natalie Portman looked adorable (her speech? not so much) Thought her dress fit her prego self quite nicely. Lastly, I think Hailee Steinfeld looked classy. But i'm too picky to choose a fav..but go ahead, tell me yours!

p.s. They could have shown the actor that played the Winklevoss twins in Social Network 500 million more times and i would not have minded one little bit.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Man, rough week to get back into the swing of things! To make everything better, it's snowed pretty much every day since i've been back from the blissful weekend getaway. Lovely, eh? Alas, it is the weekend (again!) not only that, it's 6pm on a Friday night and i'm so bored. Like sooooo bored. Thank goodness Say Yes To The Dress is on tonight. 
Today the Interior Design sophomore class met individually with our design professors for a "portfolio review" and it went really well. Like REALLY well. I got a little boost i needed to get me through the semester. I think i'm definitely my harshest critic because I got compliments on projects that I thought weren't very good. Everything is super. I'm excited to continue on with the program! 
Wanna hear a funny story? I knew you would. Well, i'm usually at the Clarke building on campus a lot. A lot! On Wednesday I had skipped lunch because i'm on campus 10-4:15 and it's a hassle to pack a lunch, right? Well, vending machines seemed like a good idea at the time. *hint* never go to vending machines alone because you never know when your snack will get stuck and you'll look like a freak trying to get it out. GAH. So here I am pushing the catcher thing up and down, causing a scene. Now looking around with the "don't worry about me, i've totally got it covered" look on my face when i notice 2 people passing behind me slow down and look down at me. (yes, i was crouching.) I look up timidly and notice two boys wondering if i needed some assistance. Before i move on with the story, i think you should know they were identical twins. Of course they were cute identical twins. great. One of them then works their magic, has it out in like 10 seconds. thanks identical twin boy. 
Vending machines are supposed to be a simple, no-hassle machine! I'm sure you've had it happen to you before too---tell me your vending machine stories, people! 

Happy Weekend!
Good Luck Pirate basketball at state!
More luck to the best athletes who will be performing at 1/2 time--Pirate Motion (cuz i know there are a few of you who read my blog-holla!)
And because blog posts without pictures are boring, check this out:

This would be Pantone colors for Spring when you're out shopping, i suggest these colors because then you'll be hip. That deserves a hip-hip-hurray! holla!
I would like a Peapod, knee-length flowy dress with a Russet colored belt, and bracelets with every single other color. And shoes? no thanks, i'm sick of shoes, i'm going barefoot :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Real Talk & My Withdrawals

Caution: Sappy Post Ahead.
Wanna know what kinda...pretty much...100% stinks big time?! And not like smelly....think along the lines of disappointment. Well let me tell you. Sometimes things don't work out the way you plan. (surprise!) 

I remember being this age, and always having my best friend to play with

Then being this age, never leaving each others side
Pine Valley trip 2001

Driving to high school together, being in band and orchestra together, her being a cheerleader and me on the dance team (we like to think we brought unity to the different squads haha)
My graduation 2008, playing in the orchestra together
Finally got rid of the poofy bangs! ;)

Then planning on going to BYU together and being roommates! We're not even at the same university! Let me tell you, it saddens me deeply!

I miss this girl! like crazy! CRAZY i say! i'm having withdrawals.
Taken this weekend during my visit to Provo
Ignore the fake nose rings...that's probably why we like each other so much, we can't not be stupid when we're together...that always leads to good times. (which is an explanation for all those weird facebook videos you saw over the weekend. my apologies)
In high school, numerous people thought we were sisters. It's probably cuz we look so much alike, right? ;) Even today, my roommate Sarah asked if we were sisters. Alas, we are cousins. But best friend cousins which tops all! I'm glad I gots this gurl in my life, yo.
Icing on the cake- i just received a text from her: "should I cut my bangs like Demi?" oh gosh.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back To My Real World

This weekend was just what i needed. I am in no way ready to get back to work! Spending an entire weekend with Taryn makes me want to move to Provo and live it up at the Y. Then i remember everything i have going for me here in idaho and i feel a little bit better...but just a little bit! :) What do we do that makes it so fun you ask? We get challenged to music video competitions on facebook and dress up like Justin Bieber. (of course that was after we saw his!) We Visited cousins, we ate out, we went shopping and we stayed up late watching movies. Someday (mark my words!) we will be roommates. 

we got our styling tips from JB himself
this is the best movie in the world, just so you know

Evelyn (left) and i are best friends

The girls I drove with aren't too shabby either. After dropping Liz off, Corinne and i walked through The Avenues in SLC and up to the top of the hill looking at the capitol building. It was sunset and so pretty! and oh-so-romantic. ;) I met up with my old roomie Ariel (bffs forever!) and we bough friendship necklaces and F21, they're cupcakes. 

45 days until the end of the semester. insane! I should be doing homework...boooo.
How was your long weekend? What did you do?

Friday, February 18, 2011

B Is For Birthday

Today is my momma's birthday!

Thanks for teaching me how to dance
Thanks for teaching me how to live on my own before i had to live on my own
Thanks for not making me have a job while i go to school
Thanks for being the best momma ever
i love you, happy birthday

Isn't that picture of her prego totes presh? i think so.
My plans to celebrate include a road trip to Utah for the long weekend. woohoo!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Lucky Man Is....

After much, much, MUCH evaluation and serious thought about who the lucky man is this year, I decided to branch out a little...stray away from a JoBro (deep breaths, i can do it) and choose a man that my dad actually introduced me to. That means he approves...huh dad? ;)
This year imagine my face right here, next to Mr. Joey Votto.

You're a lucky man Joey.

Happy Valentines Day guys :) Who's your Valentine?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunny Days = Getaways

Ready for a roommate dump? When I say dump, i really mean....MEET MY ROOMMATES!!!
DUNDUHDUNNN! (magical trumpets play!)

{Sarah, Becca, Me, Jesika, Jim, Liz}

You may realize there's a boy in this picture...he doesn't fall under the "roommate" category. He is replacing Jones (the roommate who is always gone, with this suspicious fellow she calls "Prince William"...i'm sure you've all had those roommates) Yup, so we took a trip to Idaho Falls and decided to eat at Red Robin and celebrate Liz's birthday which is Monday!

{pics from today}

Little tid bits about my roomies (so my momma can have a visual...)
Sarah (21): From Sacramento, CA. We were in the same jazz dance class my 2nd semester, actually choreographed quite the number for our final exam together... fate brought us together 2 years later. (holla worthy!)

Becca (19): From Lubbock, TX. She just got her wisdom teeth out and didn't even get puffy cheeks, that's how legit this girl is. She also has a blog here. She's a funny lady...i love having her around! She's also the baby...and just got accepted into cosmetology school in Provo!

Jesika (20): From Grass Valley, CA. This girl doesn't need much of an intro. We've lived together for 6 semesters! Pretty awesome gal. You should see her bf, he's got muscles. (so she was just talking about today...) ;) We're pretty much like a married couple. Minus the kissy stuff.

Liz (20 on Monday!): From Muncy, PA. We met last winter semester when she lived in the same complex, we were in the same FHE family. We loved her, Jesika kept in contact with her and now we're partying every day of our lives! She is pretty cool.

Jones (19): Is a nice girl...she has other friends because she obviously hasn't realized how awesome her actual roommates are. She also forgets her keys and knocks on windows to get in at 3am. awesome!

Now you know my roommates! Honestly, my fav semester roomies yet. Woohoo!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Little Love Of Mine

If you know me, you know I love getting mail. So today, while I should be on campus finishing my AutoCAD homework...i'm writing out Valentines. It was only yesterday when I realized I don't have long because Valentines Day is on Monday!

So this year i'm sending love the best way I know how...via Jonas Brothers. ;)
You know, it's not too late to send me some

Monday, February 7, 2011

Serious Talk

Being the Chinese New Year and what not I was inspired to read up on my Chinese Zodiac. I've never felt so strongly that July 6, 1990 is not my birthday:


Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Horse love to roam free. They’re energetic, self-reliant, money-wise, and they enjoy traveling, love and intimacy. They’re great at seducing, sharp-witted, impatient and sometimes seen as a drifter. Compatible with Dog or Tiger.

Self reliant? Hm. I just got off the phone with my mama, thanks for the money. ;)

Traveling? Yes!

Love? Awky.

Intimacy? Awky-err!

Seducing? What is this?!

Sharp-witted? Maybe.

Impatient? Honestly not that bad.

Drifter? If that is the definition of staying up too late and falling asleep in calculations? Then, yes.

I think i'll leave the zodiac signs behind me...i like being the awkward weirdo i was born to be, or have yet to grow out of.

*sidenote: i really really really wanna learn how to put pictures like 3 in a row rather than the boring column. i googled, i tried, i failed! help?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Would You Rather

This weekend has consisted of a few things so far...

Today at Albertson's I ran into this blogger that I absolutely love. Read her blog, seriously...cute. I walked past the self check-out lanes and I gained the courage to say, "i love your blog!" of course she didn't hear me the 1st time, so looking like a fool I said again, "I love your blog!!" (notice 2 exclamation points because I got closer and yelled louder) It was funny, i'm glad i'm not so afraid to get out of my comfort zone. (Maybe 3 years of college [and hanging out with corinne] have helped me out a little!)

Have you played the game "would you rather"? Serious fun right there. Especially when the questions start getting more involved & hilarious. Secrets are spilled.

Tomorrow is the superbowl. I have yet to be invited to any parties..ok i lie, one. (But I go for social aspect alone...and by social, you girls know what I mean.) I better get down to business at church tomorrow. Aka chattin' it up with the hotties. (You know i'm totally kidding! We both know I don't do that...)

I got a text telling me a best friend of mine/cousin I grew up with is in labor. As I received this text I had just sat down with a bowl of spaghetti, watching Big Bang Theory with my roommates and I was like, "I am sooo glad i'm not having a baby right now." serious talk.

I had a couple weird dreams. I love weird dreams. Like this one: I was online reading random articles and read that you could replace sugar in any recipe with those gummy peach rings. So i started mixing up a brownie mix and gummy peach rings. yum?

That's about it, folks. Wish me luck tomorrow at church (getting invited to the prime fball party) i'm using this as my motto:


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heck To The NO.

What is this place, ANTARCTICA?!

It was -21 yesterday. I can't even explain to you what the inside of your nose does when you're outside. Not pleasant, nor is the color of my face! I mean, come on! I don't look so cool with a face the color of tomato. Sorry for the weather post, but i just couldn't help it...(again). So besides the weather...

I just got back from the movie theater with the 2 most amazing gals in Rexburg (Liz & Corinne). We saw Country Strong. Oh. My. Gosh. Good movie! Totally different ending than I would have ever expected (do you love or hate movies like that?) I sometimes like them. But now all I wanna do is put on a dress, cowboy boots and sing into my hairbrush in front of the mirror.
My roommates just put in The Devil Wears Prada. Just when I thought I was over the whole "i love NYC" phase, it starts again. Just something about that city makes me wanna scream "I wanna live that business life style!", "I wanna live around beautiful architecture!", "I wanna live in a townhouse!" Ever wonder what's going to happen to you in the future? (yes! all. the. time.)

Now some design inspiration...I love this wall:

...and hard wood floors...mis-matched frames & huge windows.