Monday, November 18, 2013

I Take The Throne

The King has abdicated the throne and I hereby dutifully respond to the call to serve the no longer reign less single population of the Adams family grandchildren. I must tell you- Taylor is engaged and that leaves me with the crown. As the oldest unmarried grandchild of the family, I will support all the others that fall under the same category by holding get-togthers at Grandma & Grandpa Adams' house on Sunday evenings. There we will discuss our latest endeavors as well as feast upon gingerbread and whipped cream, provided by Grandma. The amount of time that I will wear the crown is unknown, but the probability of it being a very long extended period of time is likely. Support is appreciated.

Alright, enough I say. You'll be pleased to know that I will be home this weekend! That's right, as much as I may be fooling around right now, I did hint to Grandma to make gingerbread and whipped cream on Sunday so you might want to pencil that in.

In other news, my latest design project is a historic remodel of a masonic hall in Boise, Idaho. This is the first project where we've worked on teams, and that has been a neat experience. These projects take a lot  from me. I sacrifice my weekends and evenings at the school when lots of other people are going to movies, making cookies, and searching out the man of their dreams...I think I may resort to eharmony. I can't complain though, because i've got the best design family possible. Classes together, dinner together, it's what we do.

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annie leavitt said...

ha! i just saw this aus. You are hilarious. And I can't believe taylor is getting married either! You guys are all little kids still right? Anyways, see you this weekend? maybe?