Sunday, November 3, 2013

Passive Solar

It's over! I'm done! The dreaded project is over. Can I express to you how much freedom I feel? The exhaustion of 200+ project hours is finally hitting me though. I've been absolutely dead the last couple of days. Get this, I went to a movie. I know! Who knew that you could spend 2 hours somewhere besides the Clarke building. So I don't have any very good pictures of everything i've had to design but i'll share with you some of what I do have.

I chose my home location to be in Praia do Forte, Brazil. The home had to be passive solar, sustainable and made for accessibility. We created sample boards, 3D models, color renderings, plot plans, blue prints and client name it.

It's been really re-assuring to me throughout this project that i'm doing the right thing. I love what I get to do every day and I am catching on again post-mission. yay! I absolutely love the other juniors in the program. They've accepted me like i've always been a part of this class and i'm so grateful to be with all of them. It's basically being in all of your classes with your best friends. Tomorrow we're assigned our new project...bring it!

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