Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Toronto Post

 The Toronto Islands are easily one of the best places to visit in Toronto. Just a short ferry ride away from the core of downtown you're all of a sudden in a whole different place. The view of the city is spectacular! Seriously, if anyone wants to go on a yacht ride- i'm so in. If anyone wants to go to the nude beach- i'm so not in. Equipped with an amusement park, kayaks, a boardwalk and so much could spend an entire day there. Sadly we got there too late to rent bikes but that would definitely be the way to do it because no cars allowed. 

Don't you love the sail boats? Our ferry went right through them. I think they're kind of dreamy.  Remember the deal with the yacht ride? Well if anyone knows how to sail, i'd take them up on that offer too.

We walked around the island taking funny pictures and looking like total tourists. Did I mention I love this view? I'm a little bit obsessed with Toronto's skyline.

 I must admit, even though the bike rentals were closed, the walk was great and the sunset on our ferry ride back was awesome.

After returning to the harbor we indulged in a street dog and poutine. I highly recommend both. But really, have you tried poutine? After 18 months in Canada I can say that i'm a fan. Other weird food habit I got into: Vinegar on french fries. Before you turn your nose up, I want you to know I did that as well. But then I tried it...and I exhort you to do the same.
Three cheers for Toronto, the Islands and Poutine.

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